Vanilla Hammers

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Hello everyone, today I present my new addon called Vanilla Hammers, which adds hammers that can mine in a 3x3 range, Soon, I will improve this addon, and it will have more hammers in future updates.

Vanilla Hammers Logo

Discord Server:

I'm looking for helpers to help me moderate the server and make the textures, if you're interested don't hesitate to join the team!

Discord Here!

New Textures!

New Hammer Textures

New code!

Code has been made by Gravel Studios โค๏ธ (sneak to mine)

New Hammers!

For now vanilla hammers only adds 9 hammers, which are those of wood, stone, gold, copper, emerald, amethyst, iron, diamond, and netherite!

We will begin detailing their damage, durability and crafting:

Wood Hammer:

Wood Hammer Recipe

  • Damage: 5
  • Durability: 131

Stone Hammer:

Stone Hammer Recipe

  • Damage: 6
  • Durability: 270

Gold Hammer:

Gold Hammer Recipe

  • Damage: 7
  • Durability: 167

Copper Hammer:

Copper Hammer Recipe

  • Damage: 6
  • Durability: 315

Emerald Hammer:

Emerald Hammer Recipe

  • Damage: 7
  • Durability: 550

Amethyst Hammer:

Amethyst Hammer Recipe

  • Damage: 7
  • Durability: 400

Iron Hammer:

Iron Hammer Recipe

  • Damage: 7
  • Durability 330

Diamond Hammer:

Diamond Hammer Recipe

  • Damage: 8
  • Durability: 1534

Netherite Hammer:

Netherite Hammer Recipe

  • Damage: 9
  • Durability: 2001

Updated on October 26

  • Fixed links
  • Fixed and improved hammer textures
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