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Did you ever think there wasn't enough magic in Minecraft? Well, because this add-on features 4 magical wands which grant you the ability to defeat your enemies in style! When upgraded, these wands will get better stats like faster cooldowns, new effects and much more.

How do I craft these magical wands?

The first thing you need to do is craft a Wizarding Table.

Wizarding Table recipe

After that, you need to buy the elemental items from the Wandering Trader.

Obtaining Ice cube from Wandering Trader

When you crafted the Wizarding Table and bought the items, you'll have to place the items in this pattern shown below.

Magic Wands recipes

What makes these wands so special?

Each of the wands has a different super attack which is unique to that wand.

Demonstration of Wand ability

How do the wands work?

Every wand starts at level 0, which only has the basic shooting attack. Each time you upgrade your wand it gains a new ability, for example, when you upgrade the level 1 fire wand to level 2 you will be given the Magma Walker effect that transforms the lava under your feet into magma blocks.

How do I upgrade the wands?

All you have to do is surround the wand with the item you crafted them with.

Magic Wands upgrading

How can I view all the different stats of the wands in game?

Yes, when you are in your world, all you need to do is type /function help_stats while holding the item you want to check.

Ice Wand

Ice Wand

  • Player effect: Frost Walker
  • Special ability: Frost attack

Fire Wand

Fire Wand

  • Player effects: Fire Resistance & Magma Walker
  • Special ability: Inferno attack

Electricity Wand

Electricity Wand

  • Player effect: Speed
  • Special ability: Thunder attack

Air Wand

Air Wand

  • Player effect: Levitation & Slow falling (Levitation only works when looking down!)
  • Special ability: Float attack
Special items

Ice cube

Ice cube item


Flame item

Lightning bolt

Lightning bolt item


Cloud item

Please read!

This add-on is still in the early stages, which means there are things that need improvement. It would be really appreciated if you could give as much feedback as you can. If you want to give feedback, you can put it in the comments.

Updated on January 29

  • Now the ice wand places the same ice as the Ice Walker enchantment.
  • Now the magma the fire wand places breaks.
  • Fixed the air wand special attack.
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