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This addon aims to addย new ores, armors, tools, weapons, utility items, tables with custom UI, new shields, new enchantments, and effect rings. All this will be added to your Minecraft Bedrock world. I will update it as much as possible with many things, and in the same way, I will let you give suggestions to improve the addon even more. I invite you to my Discord server, where you can comment on your ideas or do it privately on Discord.



  • AlanizMC: for Textures, models.
  • GAME OVER#7025: for Textures.
  • TheGhost: for Textures.
  • Vatonage: per base for enchantments function.


โญโญRealms Version!!!โญโญ

This update brings the wonderful possibility of adding this incredible addon to your realms, you just have to download the corresponding version, but first you should know that the realm version will not have access to custom enchantments at least for now, we will be working to add that option in future versions.


Whatโ€™s New V1.9โ“

Bugs from previous versions were fixed, it was made compatible with version 1.20.5x of Minecraft Bedrock, and a new mob called Blockyn was added that can be tamed and can be found in the caves. I will explain more about this later.

Update V1.9

In this update, the Blockyns were added, along with block-shaped entities from the addon that you can tame to have as pets. They can defend you and accompany you during your adventure. They appear in the caves, and if you manage to kill one, it is likely that they will release the gold of the addon. That is made.


Blockyns have many variants, depending on the gold that is embedded in it, the Blockyn will have more life, and the less useful the mineral is, the less life it will have. The order is as follows:

  • Ruby/Sapphire = 90 HP
  • Jade = 80 HP
  • Onix/Platinum = 70HP
  • Rhodium = 65 HP
  • Topaz = 60 HP

To tame the blockyns, you have to use iron or gold ingots, you will have a 10% chance of taming it, you can make it sit if you crouch and interact.


Changes V1.8.5
  • Links fixed
  • Bug fixed when trying to import the addon's resources pack
  • Gametest code was optimized
  • Fixed bug with ax enchantment
  • Bug fixed with the smelthin enchantment when chopping blocks from the addon
  • Fixed bug that custon arrows sometimes gave vanilla arrows
  • Lowered the radius of the plowing area with the furrowing enchantment
  • Fixed bug with the smelthing enchantment when picking copper ore that only gave one while normally you could get 1 to 3 copper ores


Update 1.7

Salt Ore

Salt appears in your world from now on, in layer 0 until layer 45, and in the deepslate version it appears after layer -64 to -5.

Salt Ore

This addon also allows you to cook some vanilla items that you normally wouldn't be able to without this addon, then you can also add salt to make the food even better.

Cooked Egg

The chicken egg is normally not consumable, but with this addon you can now use it as food when cooking it. This food will give you a total of 2 and a half bars of food.

Cooked Egg Recipe

Cooked Beetroot

Unlike normal beets, which only give you half a bar of food, which, when cooked, will give you a total of 2 and a half bars of food.

Cooked Beetroot Recipe

Cooked Carrot

The normal carrot, when consumed, gives you a total of 1 and a half bars of food, when cooked it will give you a total of 2 and a half bars of food.

Cooked Carrot Recipe

Cooked Rotten Flesh

How do you know the rotten meat when you consume it? In addition to giving you 2 bars of food, it also gives you the effect of hunger, so it is not very convenient. Now if you cook this food you will be able to get rid of the effect of hunger when eating it, and apart from that, it will also give you a total of 3 and a half bars.

Cooked Rotten Flesh Recipe

Salt Food

As I said before, this mineral will allow you to season your meals with salt, and that will give more bars to your hunger bar. To add salt to your food you just have to put it on the crafting table and add salt to the side, and that's it. Here, we leave you with an example so that you can guide yourself better. These salty foods give +2 bars more than the unsalted versions, for example, cooked beef gives a total of 4 bars, and now cooked beef with salt would give a total of 6 food bars.

Cooked Beef with Salt Recipe

Cooked Beetroot with Salt Recipe

Cooked Rotten Flesh with Salt Recipe

Beetroot Soup with Salt Recipe

Cooked Carrot with Salt Recipe

Cooked Chicken with Salt Recipe

Cooked Egg with Salt Recipe

Cooked Cod with Salt Recipe

Mushroom Stew with Salt Recipe

Cooked Mutton with Salt Recipe

Cooked Porkchop with Salt Recipe

Cooked Potato with Salt Recipe

Cooked Rabbit with Salt Recipe

Rabbit Stew with Salt Recipe

Cooked Salmon with Salt Recipe


Update 1.4

In this version 1.4, a total of 9 new bows and arrows were added that do more damage with a vanilla bow; a table to create the new bows was added; errors were fixed with the UI of the tables; from now on, it is recommended to put your game on Classic mode for a better gaming experience; improvements were also added to the uranium, jade and flourite armor models...

In this update, there are a total of 3 armors that received improvements compared to the previous version in terms of model and texture. They are the following:

Three Updated Armor Models

We also added a new table that will be used to craft the new bows that this version of the addon adds.

Interface of Bow Table

Screenshot of Bow Table

You can also craft arrows for each bow on the crafting table in the equipment section. For the operation of the bows, it is required that they have arrows made from the materials for each bow.

Recipe Example for Arrows

In total, there are nine new bows made of different minerals added by the addon and an equal amount for arrows.

Screenshot with 9 Bows and 9 Arrows

Here is an example video of how to use the bow. This applies to all bows added by the addon.


Recommended Settings:

For a better game experience, it is recommended that you use the classic mode in Minecraft, since the pocket mode presents some errors when using the tables with custom UI from that UI mode.

Recommended Settings


Update 1.3

Armors (Update)

This update of the addon improved the textures of the armor and added 3D models for each armor.

New 3D Models for Armor

Rings Table

With this table, you can craft special rings that will give you infinite special effects if you have the item equipped in your second hand.

Screenshot of Rings Table

The custom UI of the table of rings would be as follows, at the moment, there are only 6 rings that are craftable and each ring gives you an effect.

Interface of Rings Table

Here I leave an example of crafting for the rings; below I leave the crafting of the rings, and also in the section where notice of updates is given, I will put more in depth about the rings and their respective effects.

Effect Rings Craft Recipe Example

To craft this table, you must use the following materials on the crafting table:

Craft Recipe for Rings Table

Effect Rings

Ambar Ring

This ring will give you the regeneration effect 2 when you put it in the secondary hand. If you are interested in recovering quickly, this is the ring you should use. It does not work in the main hand and is crafted as follows on the ring table:

Craft Recipe for Ambar Ring

Sapphire Ring

This ring will give you the effect of regeneration 2 when you put it in the secondary hand. If you want to move faster through the world, this is the ring you should use. It does not work in the main hand and is crafted the next way on the ring table:

Craft Recipe for Sapphire Ring

Ruby Ring

This ring will give you the effect of force 2 when you put it in the secondary hand. If you are interested in killing hostile and peaceful entities more quickly, this is the ring you should use. It does not work in the main hand, and it is crafted in the following way on the ring table:

Craft Recipe for Ruby Ring

Jade Ring

This ring will give you the high jump 2 effect when you put it in the secondary hand. When you need to jump blocks higher or reach high places, this is the ring you should use. It does not work in the main hand, and it is crafted as follows at the ring table:

Craft Recipe for Jade Ring

Flourite Ring

This ring will give you the effect of resistance to fire 2 when you put it in the secondary hand. To swim in lava and resist fire, this ring is the best option, more than anything in the nether!

Craft Recipe for Flourite Ring

Onyx Ring

This ring will give you the effect of night vision 2 when you put it on your secondary hand. If you are interested in looking clearly in dark places, this ring is the ideal one for you!

Craft Recipe for Onyx Ring


New Shields๐Ÿ›ก๏ธ

New shields developed in gametest were added, which means that they are compatible with any addon. Some textures of addon items and bug fixes reported in Discord were also improved.

New Shields

As I said before, a total of 10 new shields were added to the game developed with gametest of the following materials: Uranium, Jade, Amber, Flourite, Onyx, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Rodio, Diamond, Netherite, Copper, Iron and Platinum.

Diamond Shield

Craft Recipe for Diamond Shield

Iron Shield

Craft Recipe for Iron Shield

Copper Shield

Craft Recipe for Copper Shield

Netherite Shield

Craft Recipe for Netherite Shield

Uranium Shield

Craft Recipe for Uranium Shield

Ambar Shield

Craft Recipe for Ambar Shield

Jade Shield

Craft Recipe for Jade Shield

Flourite Shield

Craft Recipe for Flourite Shield

Onyx Shield

Craft Recipe for Onyx Shield

Rodio Shield

Craft Recipe for Rodio Shield

Topaz Shield

Craft Recipe for Topaz Shield

Ruby Shield

Craft Recipe for Ruby Shield

Sapphire Shield

Craft Recipe for Sapphire Shield

Platino Shield

Craft Recipe for Platino Shield



Gem Turtle

Gem Turtle

This mob will appear all over the world, it is a peaceful entity, and when you kill it, there is a chance that it will drop gems.

Gem Turtle

Pigman Ore

Pigman Ore

Found in the nether, these pigman zombies were infected with uranium and flourite minerals, increasing their resistance and damage. Thanks to the hardness of these ores, they are more dangerous than normal ones, and they will also give you the mineral they are made of if you manage to defeat them.

Pigman Ore

Wither Skeleton Ore

Wither Skeleton Ore

Like the pigman ore, this wither skeleton was also infected with the uranium and flourite ores. It is very dangerous because of its increased abilities, even more so than the pigman.

Wither Skeleton Ore

Skeleton Ore

Skeleton Ore

The ore skeleton is generated in the overworld during the nights; its minerals are obtainable if you manage to kill it; however, this does not mean that they are easy to kill; their resistance and attack rose thanks to the mutation they possess.

Skeleton Ore

Monster Ore

Monster Ore

The mineral monsters are incredible and dangerous creatures that appear in the caves. If you manage to kill these monsters, you will get the ore that this hostile mob is made of. It has 2 types of attacks that do a lot of damage, we could even consider it a mini-boss.

Zombie Ore

Zombie Ore

This entity appears around the world. These zombies had the bad luck to have an alteration in their system, causing flowers to grow in their bodies. The most incredible thing about this is that they adapted to the alteration, obtaining greater resistance and strength. If you manage to kill it, you can get their flowers, but be careful because they are much more resistant than a normal zombie.

Zombie Ore

Miner Goblin

Miner Goblin

It is a peaceful, fantastic creature that will appear around your world, either in caves or outside of them. It will trade you items you use that have to do with the addon, some very good and others not so good, but it is worth trying to buy its items.


Custom Table๐Ÿ‘พ

New tables were added that will serve for certain specific things, such as the copper table that will help remove the uranium radiation and the amber table that will serve to craft the tools for it.

Trident Table

Trident Table

The trident table will mainly serve to craft the tridents that the addon adds using the materials that the addon offers.

Trident Table

To craft this table, you will need Prismarine shards, a crafting table and a vanilla trident.

Craft Tecipe for Trident Table

If you want to craft one of the new tridents that the addon adds, you must follow this example, of course, with the material you want for your trident.

Trident Table Interface

Advanced Enchanted Table

Advanced Enchanted Table

Now, to enchant your items, you must do it this way, if you do not have enough experience, they will not be enchanted. It is also important that you have an item in hand when trying to enchant it.

Advanced Enchanted Table

Demonstration of Advanced Enchanted Table


Produces a poison effect on entities that are hit with the weapon with this enchantment.

Available for: Swords, Axes and Battle Axes.

Poison Effect Level 2

Ice Aspect

Hitting entities with weapons that have this enchantment will slow down their victims leaving them very vulnerable.

Available for: Swords, Axes and Battle Axes.

Ice Aspect Effect Level 2


Will grant wither effect if an entity takes weapon damage with this enchantment.

Available for: Swords, Axes and Battle Axes.

Wither Effect Level 2


If an entity takes damage from weapons with this enchantment it will strip them of their health and grant the weapon's owner regeneration.

Available for: Swords, Axes and Battle Axes.

Vampire Effect Level 3


Entities unlucky enough to be hit with a weapon with this enchantment will fly away and then fall to their death.

Available for: Swords, Axes and Battle Axes.

Levitating Effect Level 1


This enchantment will allow you to break an entire tree by felling just one block, the height at which it is able to reach increases according to the level of the enchantment.

Available for: Axes.

Woodcutter Effect Level 1


It will grant the haste effect if you have the item in your hand, the level of the effect increases according to the level of the enchantment.

Available for: Pickaxes, Hammers, Axes.

Haste Effect Level 2


It will cook the ores you chop only if they can be turned into ingots.

  • In the level I cook: copper, iron and gold.
  • In the level II cook the same as him level I adding platinum and rhodium.
  • In the level III cook the same as him level I and II adding amber and uranium.

Available for: Pickaxes.

Smelthing Effect Level 1

Ore Extractor

Ore Extractor

This table is the ore extractor, it will allow you to extract the pieces of stone that some ores in this addon have when they are extracted from the ore. This table also has a variation in the UI depending on the type of drill you use to craft it.

Ore Extractor

To craft this table, we need to make the tip of the drill that is manufactured this way.

Craft Recipe for Tip of the Drill

Once you have this item, we can proceed to the next step, which would be to craft the mineral extractor.

Craft Recipe for Ore Extractor

The function that this table fulfills, as I said before, is to extract the pieces of stone that some flowers will have, for example: the Ruby, the Sapphire, the Onyx and the Topaz. Here I will also leave an example so that you can see its exact operation using a carbon block.

Ore Extractor Interface

Copper Table

Copper Table

This table will serve to remove the uranium radiation since this item, when selected, will give you poison, and it will not help you much to have it this way. Through this table, you can get a uranium ingot using copper and unlock new crafts with this item.

Copper Table

To craft this table, we will use copper blocks, wooden planks, and a crafting table.

Craft Recipe for Copper Table

Copper Table Interface

Ambar Table

Ambar Table

This table more than anything will serve to obtain the amber armor which is undoubtedly the best material to have both armor and tools.

Ambar Table

To craft this table we will need the following materials and format when placing it on the crafting table.

Craft Recipe for Ambar Table

Ambar Table Interface


Ores Generation

Here is an excel of the generation of each ore of the addon, some are generated in the nether and others in the normal world, others do not have a deepslate form and others only have a deepslate form.

Ores Generation


Ores and Tools (Update)

Prismarine Ore

Prismarine Ore

As I said before, this ore was added to facilitate the crafting of the trident table due to the difficulty of finding prismarine normally in survival.

Prismarine Ore



This ore has a normal generation, that is, it is neither easy nor difficult to obtain. It is much better than rhodium, onyx and topaz ore in both damage and durability.

Demonstration of Platinum

At the moment of breaking the ore of this mineral, you will obtain raw platinum, which you will have to cook to obtain its ingot.

Craft Recipe for Platinum Ingot



This would be the second-best mineral to have for armor, it is one of the most resistant. Weapons made of this mineral will give poison when hitting other entities. This ore can only be mined with the following pickaxes: Amber Pickaxe, Flourite Pickaxe, Netherite Pickaxe, Uranium Pickaxe.

Demonstration of Uranium



Undoubtedly the best mineral of all to make both tools and minerals, this armor has regeneration by having all the armor complete.

Demonstration of Amber

Another way to get the mineral will be through the trees, since trees will be generated all over the world that will have a little amber inside them.

Tree with Amber Inside

When you find this type of tree with that crack, I recommend you break it since, in a period of 3 to 6 minutes, you will be able to remove the liquid amber that will be generated. The block should be seen in this state when it is with amber.

Tree with Ready for Extract Amber

To extract the liquid amber, you must use a bucket and interact with the block. That way, you will fill the bucket with liquid amber.

Extracted Liquid Amber

Then, to finish this element, you take it to the oven, and it will come out amber. A curious fact is that you can use uranium to cook it, it lasts twice as long as normal coal.

Bucket with Liquid Amber in Furnace



This ore has a normal generation however it is much better than platinum and those that come after that ore.

Demonstration of Jade



This is one of the 3 best ores that are in the addon currently, you can find it in the nether you could say that it can be easy to obtain, but you will need very good pickaxes to obtain it.

Demonstration of Flourite



This ore is one of the most common even, so it is better than stone and is similar to iron in damage and superior in durability, but not in mining, this mineral is also used to trade with an entity that adds the addon.

Demonstration of Topaz



This ore is better than topaz, but it is not the best of all, but it is certainly a good option.

Demonstration of Onyx



This ore is one of the best, but not the best, its tools are very competent and better than diamond even though in mining it is a bit inferior.

Demonstration of Ruby



They say that ruby and sapphire are very similar gems.

Demonstration of Sapphire



This ore is generally common, but it is also better in durability and damage than stone and iron tools.

Demonstration of Rodio

Rodio New Tools

Rodio New Tools

At the moment of breaking the rhodium ore, you will get the raw rhodium, which you will have to cook to get the rhodium ingot.

Craft Recipe for Rodio Ingot




Battleaxes are one of the best weapons for combat and dealing damage.

Battleaxes Showcase

To craft the battleaxes, you must follow this format in the crafting table. It may seem expensive, but the damage is worth it.

Craft Recipe for Battleaxes

All the crafts are on the crafting table, in case you don't know how to make a battleaxe.


Hammers (3x3 Pickaxe Ore)


This tool will help you to break the blocks in 3x3, of course, some hammers will not be able to break certain materials that I will show below.

Hammers Showcase

To craft the hammers, you must follow this format in the crafting table.

Craft Recipe for Hammers

Hammer Function


Break Blocks

Each hammer, pick and drill of this addon can break a certain amount of ores. In this image, I summarize what ores can bite.

List of Breakable Items of Blocks



The durability of the tools of each mineral varies according to its quality. Here is a photo with all the information you need to know about the durability of each item.

Durability of the Tools

I want to warn you that this could vary in each version of the addon, so it never hurts to check it from time to time every time there is a big update of the addon.


This is the damage of each weapon and tool that is in the addon in the current version.

Damage of Each Weapon and Tool

In the same way, this can vary throughout the updates, it would not hurt to review it from time to time. If you have any suggestions with the Addons you can tell me on my Discord server or in private.


Useful Items



This item will allow you to remove any type of block instantly, no matter how long it takes to break it with a pickaxe. Its only limitation is the bedrock, and it can also break any custom block, whether it is from this addon.

List of Drills

Before crafting any of these drills, you will also need to craft the motor that will run the drill.

Craft Recipe for the Motor

Once you have this item, you will have to combine the engine with the drill and the ore you want your drill to be, here is an example.

Craft Recipe for Drill

Video example of the operation of these drills and their ability to break blocks, it should be clarified that these drills cannot break bedrock and also in case of breaking an ore which gives you an ore with embedded stone these drills will take care of giving you the pray without the embedded stone.

Ambar Amulet

Amber Amulet

This item will allow you to chase away all low level hostile mobs such as: Zombies, Skeleton, Villager Zombie, Endermite, Hoglin, Husk, Magma Cube, Piglin, SilverFish, Spider.

Craft Recipe for Amber Amulet

Amber Totem

Amber Totem

This item will allow you to increase your heart capacity by having it in your main or secondary hand every time you receive clear damage, this only has a 40% chance of obtaining an extra heart when receiving damage, these are lost if you die or take milk.

Craft Recipe for Amber Totem



These apples are from some existing minerals of exactly the following minerals: Amber, Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Topaz and Flourite.

List of Apples

All the apples are crafted with this format in the crafting table, in the same way the crafting will appear in the recipe book.

Craft Recipe for Apples



Some potions were also added that will give you existing effects in minecraft.

List of Potions

Amber Potion

Amber Potion

Craft Recipe for Amber Potion

Jade Potion

Jade Potion

Craft Recipe for Jade Potion

Platino Potion

Platino Potion

Craft Recipe for Platino Potion

Sapphire Potion

Sapphire Potion

Craft Recipe for Sapphire Potion

Ruby Potion

Ruby Potion

Craft Recipe for Ruby Potion

Onyx Potion

Onyx Potion

Craft Recipe for Onyx Potion




These are structures you can find around the world, in the plains, forest, savanna and extreme hills biomes.

Structures: Screenshot 1

Structures: Screenshot 2

Structures: Screenshot 3

Structures: Screenshot 4

Structures: Screenshot 5

Structures: Screenshot 6

Structures: Screenshot 7

Structures: Screenshot 8



There is still a lot of information about the addon that I could not put on this page if you want to know more about the addon I invite you to join the Official Server of Expansive Ores where you can ask everything you want about the addon as well as see progress, crafting, give suggestions, make collaborations, etc.

Coming soonโœ”๏ธ

In future updates new shields, enchantments, items with more skills, bows and similarly armor with effects that will serve you for your survival world will be added, all this will be added with gametest so that this addon is compatible with any addon, I also hope your suggestions about the addon, ways to improve it and all that, as I told you at the beginning, I invite you to my discord server to be more aware of the addon updates.


โš ๏ธImportant:

If you want to upload this addon in a review or upload it to an external page, you must use the link to ModBay or MCPEDL, not direct links or your own links. If you don't comply, I will take action.

Updated on February 01

Realms Version:

  • Enchantments were removed in the version for realms due to compatibility problems
  • Fixed the error of not being able to add the addon in a realm

Change List V1.9:

  • Bug with bows fixed
  • Fixed errors with the gametest
  • Added Blockyns
  • The addon was made compatible with version 1.20.5x
Changelog for November 06 / Old Update
  • Gametest codes were updated to a new format for 1.20.4x
  • The plugin was made compatible with current versions of minecraft bedrock
  • Errors due to version incompatibility were fixed
Changelog for March 23 / Old Update
  • The models of the following armors have been improved: Uranium, Flourite and Jade
  • Fixed errors with the table UI
  • Now it is recommended to put the ui profile in classic mode for a better experience
  • Added 9 new bows and 9 new arrows from different minerals
  • Added a table to craft these bows added in this version
  • Now compatible with 1.19.70 onwards
Changelog for February 16 / Old Update
  • Added ring table
  • Added rings with effects
  • Removed regeneration function on amber armor
  • Improved the models and textures of armor, for example: Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, Platinum, Amber, Onyx, etc.
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Expansive Ores Addon V1.9! (Normal Version)
Expansive Ores Addon V1.9! (Realms Version)
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