Instant Houses Addon V3.1 (Generate Instant Houses in Survival) Compatible with 1.20.70

Thumbnail: Instant Houses Addon V3.1 (Generate Instant Houses in Survival) Compatible with 1.20.70

This is an addon that adds 14 houses and 2 mansions that you can generate with one click. It also adds lighting blocks. All of this is found in the creative inventory. This addon works on all versions after 1.20.30.

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This addon adds 14 new houses and 2 mansions that are fully decorated. There are also new blocks that help light up the houses. You will find all this in the creative inventory.

How to get the houses in survival?

Real Estate Agent

This estate agent spawns naturally in the plains biome.

Real Estate Agent: Screenshot

You can trade emeralds to get the houses in survival.

Real Estate Agent: Trades

How to build the houses?

New tools added

To generate the houses, you only need the builder tool. To know where the houses will be generated, you need the marking tools.

Marking Tools Recipe: Step 1

Marking Tools Recipe: Step 2

The marking tool is used to mark the area where the house will be generated.

Marking Tools: Screenshot

The construction tool is used to build the houses.

Construction Tool Recipe

Make a backup of your world before using this addon as some structures are very large and can crash the world and corrupt it or in case you generate the structure in an unwanted place.


The houses are shown below:


House: Screenshot 1

House: Screenshot 2

House: Screenshot 3

House: Screenshot 4

House: Screenshot 5

House 1

House 1: Screenshot 1

House 1: Screenshot 2

House 1: Screenshot 3

House 1: Screenshot 4

House 1: Screenshot 5

House 2

House 2: Screenshot 1

House 2: Screenshot 2

House 2: Screenshot 3

House 2: Screenshot 4

House 3

House 3: Screenshot 1

House 3: Screenshot 2

House 3: Screenshot 3

House 3: Screenshot 4

House 3: Screenshot 5

House 4

House 4: Screenshot 1

House 4: Screenshot 2

House 4: Screenshot 3

House 4: Screenshot 4

House 5

House 5: Screenshot 1

House 5: Screenshot 2

House 5: Screenshot 3

House 5: Screenshot 4

House 6

House 6: Screenshot

House 7

House 7: Screenshot

House 8

House 8: Screenshot

House 9

House 9: Screenshot

House 10

House 10: Screenshot

House 11

House 11: Screenshot

House 12

House 12: Screenshot

House 13

House 13: Screenshot


Use experimental gameplay

Required Experiments for Instant Houses Addon

Updated on April 13

New update! New blocks added and fixed bugs! Updated for 1.20.70+

List of houses added:

  • Modern house 5
  • Modern house 6
  • Modern house 7
  • Modern house 8
  • Mansion 1
  • Mansion 2

All blocks were modified to be compatible with 1.20.70

Added Spanish translation

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Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30
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  1. you need to check resouces pack file that you put on the link because when i import they say DUPLICATE FILE BP