Raboy's Mobs v2.2.3 | Better Visuals, Better Performance + Important Bug Fixes!

Thumbnail: Raboy's Mobs v2.2.3 | Better Visuals, Better Performance + Important Bug Fixes!

Do you want a bunch of cool new content added to Minecraft? Say no more! This Addon adds skillfully designed mobs, items, weapons, armor, structures, and a whole lot more to the game that you can interact with that adds more spice to the vanilla game!

Created by Raboy13, this addon aims to expand the gameplay of Minecraft by providing players with new and exciting content to discover and interact with. The addon features a wide variety of new mobs, each with their own unique behaviors and abilities, as well as new structures and items to uncover. In addition to these features, the addon also includes new armor sets and weapons to help players defend themselves against the new mobs. Raboy's Mobs Addon is a great choice for players looking to add more depth and variety to their Minecraft experience.


Creator: Raboy13

Before Using

Before using this addon, make sure to turn on the following experimental features and cheats especially the Command Blocks Enabled toggle, and it requires the minimum Minecraft version 1.19.50 and above, otherwise, it will not work for you. All that aside, let's get to each mob and feature!

Required Experimental Options

โš ๏ธIMPORTANT: type /gamerule commandblockoutput false if you created a new world, or you updated your existing one with the newest version of the add-on so there won't be any random texts that appear on your screen while you're playing.

Raboy's Mobs Features

Video of the Latest Update


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Updated on September 28

  • Fixed a bug after the 1.20.30 update where custom structures don't generate naturally
Download links
Download Structure Pack (Naturally-spawning White Spike Nest and Wizard House)
Raboy's Mobs v2.2.3 RP
Raboy's Mobs v2.2.3 BP
Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50
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  1. No avatar image Phrozin
    Thanks for structure fix,Raboy and your support towards your followers,but still have a problem:
    As of update 1.20.30 on bedrock it seems addon is broken and lost that was in player inventory(that what was there is gone now) or creative menu and I see in creative the mob drops(the jade heart and phoenix feather is invisible icon),but example white spike scythe sword is totally gone now ,but white spike teeth is there and poison sword is in creative selection etc. Could you be kind to update mod,please.When you select poison sword you can use it,but exit game and back in the game the sword or armor will be gone from player inventory as well as armor and you have to get it again from creative or create again...the mobs are spawning fine though. And in minecraft version 1.20.15 I had this weird bug that potion of the deep and phoenix potion crashes the game. I hope you can find a fix for us please,thanks in advance
    1. Raboy13 profile avatar Raboy13
      Hello, that bug is on mojang's end
      1. Change the "format_version" to 1.20.20 for the items that used 1.16.100
        It'll fix the problem.
      2. No avatar image Phrozin
        Bug on Mojang's end? Meaning the potions? that is fine though and can live with it, could the items be fixed as "BlackHoleSpace0" suggested to change item format version.Please, because me and the other players can't play for now on realm world due to scyth sword not showing up and the other items disappear from player inventory when exit and enter game again.