Mjolnir Addon (Throwable, Lightning Strike attack & more!) | Compatible with other addons

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Mjollnir, Old Norse Mjรถllnir, in Norse mythology, the hammer of the thunder god, Thor, and the symbol of his power. Forged by dwarfs, the hammer never failed Thor; he used it as a weapon to crash down on the heads of giants and as an instrument to hallow people and things. Mjollnir was stolen by the giant Thrym, who asked as ransom the hand of the goddess Freyja. When Freyja refused to go to Thrym, Thor masqueraded as her and succeeded in grabbing the hammer, which had been brought out to consecrate him as Thrymโ€™s bride. Thor then slaughtered Thrym and the other giants with the hammer.



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Range Attack:

Thor's hammer can be thrown like how trident did. But it will do 12 impact damage on hit, and also a lightning bolt will strike on the hit spot.

Any players nearby can pick up the hammer by standing close to it, beware that the hammer item can still be burnt by its own fire!!

Range attack with Mjollnir

Melee Attack:

Mjolnir deals 12 damage on hit, and also summon the lightning bolt. This way you can rapidly strike the target with huge damage and lightning bolt!

Every attack on hit will gain Speed II, Fire Resistance II and Slow Falling II. Use it carefully! (you can imagine a combat while falling ๐Ÿ˜œ)

Melee attack with Mjollnir

How to obtain Mjolnir?

You can craft a hammer using Blocks of Iron x4, Netherite Scrap and a Stick.

Mjolnir hammer recipe

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Updated on February 28

  • Added a crafting recipe for Mjolnir
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