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Have you ever played the game Bee Swarm Simulator? This is Swarm Craft! Where Minecraft meets Bee Swarm Simulator. With some features are very similar to Bee Swarm Simulator, so you will understand how to play and be the best in no time.

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Permission for ModBay:

Four Worlds Studios permission for ModBay

This add-on does not use the player.json in any way, so you are free to use it with other add-ons!

Required experiments:

Required experiments for Swarm Craft addon



When you enter the world, you will receive a starter gear of the necessary items!

Starter Gear

The Starting Gear will be three items, none of them can be removed from your inventory until used, except the Honey Shop, that will stay with you forever.

  • Honey Shop
  • Basic Egg
  • Bee Hive

New honey items

When your world is created, every player will be added to the Honey Scoreboard.

Honey Scoreboard

Bee Hive

The Bee Hive can be placed down wherever you feel you would like it, but make sure you like where you place it as it can not be moved!

Bee Hive

When you have your Bee Hive set up, use the Basic Egg to hatch your first Bee.

Angry Bee and Hive

When you hatch a Bee, you will receive a Jar of Taming Jelly to tame your Bee, When your Bee is tame, it will follow you anywhere collecting pollen as you go.

Honey Shop

The last item you will get from your Starting Gear is the Honey Shop.

Honey Shop bee

Interact with the Honey Shop to start spending your hard-earned Honey.

Honey Shop UI (screenshot 1)

Honey Shop UI (screenshot 2)

At the Honey Shop you will be able to purchase Basic Eggs to hatch more Bees, the price of the Basic Eggs will increase every time you purchase one.

Basic Leveling Jelly shop

When you have enough Honey, you can purchase Leveling Jelly to level up your Bees to make them more productive.

Pollen, Honey and Hatching Eggs

Your Bee Hive is very important, not only is it where you hatch eggs but it also where you turn Pollen into Honey, Let me explain!

When you Hatch a Bee and tame it, take it to some flowers. There it will hover above the Flower collecting Pollen, when the Bee has finished, you will receive the Pollen it has collected in your inventory.

The Bee collects Pollen

Take that Pollen to your Hive and the Pollen will be taken from your hand automatically and added to the Honey Scoreboard. It is that simple!

Pollen and Honey Scoreboard

When a Bee has taken all the Pollen from one Flower, it will disappear and your Bee will move on to the next.

Any Bee that is within one block of a Bee Hive will automatically be healed back to full health, although this may not seem important now as you can't really damage a Bee, it will be very important when Mob Bosses come to the add-on.

Basic Eggs have a chance to hatch into Basic, Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary and Mythical Bees, the rarer the Bee the less time it will take for them to collect Pollen and the more Pollen they will give per Flower, plus the cooler they will look!

Each rarety of Bee has its own Leveling Jelly, the higher your Bee's Level the more Pollen they will collect for you, each Bee can be raised to level 10.


There are 6 rareties of Bee:

  • Basic
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Ultra Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

The rarer the Bee, the harder they work, meaning the more Honey you get to spend.

If any of your Bees were to die, they will drop an item to recover that Bee from your Hive, all levels will be lost.

Common Bees

Basic Bee

The Basic Bee is the most Basic of Bees, they are not very productive but will get you started, at level 1 they will collect Pollen for 30 seconds, giving 5 Pollen when finished.

Basic Bee

Angry Bee

  • Collecting time: 24
  • Productivity: 7

Angry Bee

Rare Bees

Cool Bee

  • Collecting time: 20
  • Productivity: 10

Cool Bee

Ultra-Rare Bee

Albino Bee

  • Collecting time: 16
  • Productivity: 20

Albino Bee

Legendary Bees

Soul Bee

  • Collecting time: 5
  • Productivity: 40

Soul Bee

Mythical Bees

Cyborg Bee

  • Collecting time: 5
  • Productivity: 60

Cyborg Bee

Moth Bee

  • Collecting time: 5
  • Productivity: 60

Moth Bee

Honey Bear

Honey Bears will be everywhere in your world.

  • Neutral
  • Health: 30
  • Damage: 1
  • Drops: Pollen, Fish, Bone, Basic Egg

Honey Bear animal

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