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Do you need to be in an apocalypse? Well with this you will feel like in hell. better zombies, they do not burn, stronger, faster and with some extra things that will surely interest you. What are you waiting for? can you see this now

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Creator: TrueCowboy

Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay.

Required experimental options:

Required experimental options.

Important: people who review this plugin many times do not read the features and terms to make a video of this plugin. If you are a content creator and review this addon, please use the mcpdl link and you cannot leave the direct link or make your own link. If you break I'll take action for this

Changes to the Zombies

Zombies can spawn with unique characteristics, faster, stronger, with different clothes, being small or big and having gender.

Zombie genders.

Zombies can spawn with a bow:

Zombie archer.

Zombies don't die from sunlight:

Zombie and sunlight.

Some zombies know how to open doors:

Zombie opening the doors.

Zombies spawn very often:

Zombies spawn.

Zombies can be slow, fast and extremely fast:

Speed of zombies.

Zombies can now sense your presence from long distances:

Distance zombies sense.

Zombie variants

Many variants of zombies:

Zombie variants.

Rotten items

The zombies now have a large catalog of organs that they leave when they die, you can eat them if you want. It's optional.

Loot abundant.

Creppy leather

One of the dropping items.

Creppy leather screenshot.

You can craft it from 4 Rotten meat.

Craft recipe for Creppy leather.

By using the oven or campfires and placing "creppy leather" you can get leather:

Creppy leather and Campfire.

You can also use furnace:

Creppy leather and Furnace.

Rotten Intestine

One of the dropping items.

Rotten Intestine.

The rotten intestines when left pressed can give you random loot:

Demonstration of Rotten Intestine.

Rotten Meat

One of the dropping items.

Rotten Meat.

Craft recipes:

Craft recipes for Rotten Meat.

Other harmful items

Not highly recommended to consume these items.

Rotten Brain:

Rotten Brain.

Rotten Heart:

Rotten Heart.

Rotten Lung:

Rotten Lung.

Rotten Stomach:

Rotten Stomach.

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