Grave Add-On

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With this addon, when a player dies, a grave will be placed where all your inventory will be kept, and simply to get the items, break the grave, and you will get your entire inventory.

# How does it work?

  • When you die, you will get a key that, when placed in your hand, will tell you the coordinates and the distance in blocks where you died.
  • When you go to the grave, you must interact with it while having the key in your hand, and you will obtain your entire inventory.
  • The keys are unique and only work with the correct gravestone.
  • Only the owner of the gravestone can open it, regardless of whether another player has the correct key.
  • If, for some reason, you lose the key, you can craft another one.
  • If you fall into the void in the end dimension, the gravestone will be placed at height 1 along with some blocks to make it easier for you to obtain.
  • If you die in the same position as another player, the gravestone will be placed next to that gravestone.
  • Works in multiplayer!

Key Item

Key Death Info

Key Recipe

Grave Appearing After Death

Player Breaking a Grave

Loot from the Grave

# Info

# How to install

  • Download and install the behavior pack and resource pack
  • Activate both the behavior and the resource pack in your world settings
  • Activate the options: "Holiday Creator Features", "Molang Features" and "Beta APIs" for the proper functioning of the Add-On.

Required Experiments for the Grave Add-On

Updated on February 07

  • The addon works correctly again in Minecraft 1.20.60
  • Bug fixes
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