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This addon adds Saa VTuber to your Minecraft world, which you can spawn and tame to defend against enemies.

Finding and Taming

You can find Saa in Desert Biome.

She can be tamed with Cooked Beef.

Cooked Beef


Saa hates hostile mobs. Which is strange, because she is undead snake.

  • Health: 18886533333333320000
  • Damage: 199

Saa Vtuber Attacks Husks

Saa is immune to poison, explosion, wither, thorns, projectile, sonic_boom, freezing, firework, lightning, fall damage, contact damage, the void and stalactite,temperature, drowning, starve, falling_block, block_explosion, stalagmite,fly_into_wall, ram_attack, oh, she also has regeneration, resistance, health boost, absorption, and haste effect.

Saa Vtuber and Wither


To heal Saa, you can use an Enchanted Golden Apple.

Healing Saa Vtuber


You can also give Saa various Netherite items, as well as the Totem of Undying!

Saa Vtuber with Totem of Undying

Giving Saa Vtuber Netherite Items

New Model

New Saa Vtuber Model


You can also trade with Saa using Poisonous Potato.

Saa Trades


Now you can ride Saa and control it!

Player Riding Saa


Now you can craft Saa spawn egg.

Saa Spawn Egg Recipe


Saa can plant crops, just put any seed in her inventory.

Saa Planting Crops

Updated on May 02

  • Fix the Saa healing.
Changelog for April 30 / Old Update
  • Fixed the addon to work on 1.20.80.
Changelog for March 17 / Old Update
  • Saa can now plant crops.
Changelog for February 19 / Old Update
  • Fixed the addon to work on 1.20.70.
  • Added Saa spawn egg recipe.
Changelog for January 24 / Old Update
  • Now you can ride Saa and control her!
Changelog for November 23 / Old Update
  • Added lay down behaviour.
Changelog for November 15 / Old Update
  • Added trades to Saa.
Changelog for November 02 / Old Update
  • I finally fixed the Saa spawnrule.
Changelog for August 27 / Old Update
  • Fixed sounds.
  • Now you can heal Saa with an Enchanted Golden Apple.
  • Now you can give Saa some Netherite items.
Changelog for May 31 / Old Update
  • Fixed Husk drop.
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