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Custom unique hats and head items for any usage! Currently, including 20 different items which are all obtainable in survival, with a lot more to come in the future updates.

HatsPlus is our newest creation to bring custom head items into the game for any kind of usage, these hats are also obtainable in survival through crafting table.

These items have 2 protection points like other helmets, so one iron helmet is always needed to craft them.


Permission for ModBay:

Hat Plus permission for ModBay

List of Hats

Hats: Gasmask, Goldglasses and Miners's Hat

Hats: Evoc, Ember and Foreigner Hat

Hats: Evoc, Ember and Foreigner Hat

Hats: Cacti Shoots, Arch Crown, Plague Mask

Hats: Plague Mask + Hat, Clown Hair, Clown Hair + Colored

Hats: Black Beard, Brown Beard, Gray Beard

Hats: Cowboy Hat, Barrel Head

Bonus: for some reason, Piglins have Gold Glasses and this is look really cool :)

Piglin with Gold Glasses


To repair these items, you simply need to combine them with a piece of stick in the crafting table; they are also able to have any enchantments that helmets can have, so you don't have to choose between them and your helmets :)

Please consider that you're not allowed to upload this addon to any other website and to make any videos about or including this addon, you can only link this ModBay / MCPEDL page for crediting snowier works.

Updated on October 10


Added 4 new items, including:

  • Barrel head
  • Beard (+color versions: black, brown and gray)
Changelog for v1.3 / June 20 / Old Update


Added 5 new hats including:

  • Plague Mask
  • Plague Mask (+Hat)
  • Cowboy hat
  • Clown hair
  • Colored Clown hair
Changelog for v1.2 / October 06 / Old Update


Added 5 new hats, including:

  • Fungus hat
  • Entertainer's garb (mc dungeons)
  • Foreigner's hat (mc dungeons)
  • Arch illager's crown (mc dungeons)
  • Miner's hat
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HatsPlus 1.4 - Behaviors Pack
HatsPlus1.4 - Resources Pack
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    I got an error message when downloading the addon :
    The property '/header/min_engine_version` must have a value set less than `1.13.0`. To use a higher version, you need to use format version 2.