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Have you been playing with Origins with your friends, and you've run out of fun, new Origins to play with? Do not worry! I have some more for you. This is a collection of fantasy, mythical, or otherwise fictional creatures origins. Some were suggested by my friends and others were suggested by people in the Origins B.E. Discord server!

Carefully follow all the installation steps, otherwise the addon will not work correctly!

Currently, the pack includes...

  • The Fairy Origin!
  • The Hellhound Origin!
  • The Iron Golem Origin!
  • The Wendigo Origin!
  • And finally, the Bizzlet Origin!


Fairy Origin


Small, mythical creatures that were born to help others!

Fairy Wings

By using your Primary Power, you can toggle your wings to be on or off of flight mode. To fly while in flight mode, tap or press the jump button repeatedly to go up.

Healing Magic

By using your Secondary Power, you gain regeneration for 15 seconds (Cooldown of 1 minute).

Glowing Light

By using your Tertiary Power, you can toggle your glow ability on or off. While the glow ability is on, you have light radiating from your body to light the way.


Fairies are pretty small, which means you are a block tall.


Due to your fairy wings, you have constant slow falling.


Your small body cannot take much damage, meaning that you have only 5 hearts of health.

Weak Body

You are incredibly weak, so you cannot wear heavy armor (anything iron and above) and you have constant Weakness I.

Float, Not Fly

You cannot wear Elytra due to your pre-existing fairy wings.

Wendigo Origin


A harrowing soul with a heart of ice, cursed with an endless hunger for human flesh.


You can find your prey with ease as you have night vision.

Soul Stealer

Hitting mobs with your Primary Power will replenish a bit of your hunger.

Cold-Blooded Killer

You thrive in colder biomes and therefore have more resistance when in those biomes. You are also invulnerable to freezing.

Night Terror

During the day you are a menace, but after dusk you become a nightmare, gaining extra strength and 2 hearts more than a human.


You are naturally faster and can jump higher when you sprint. You also take no fall damage.

Cold by Nature

Your heart of ice makes you naturally cold, so fire is your greatest weakness. Fire and lava will therefore do 2.5x damage.


You can only eat rotten flesh, but it gives you more saturation.

Ever-Growing Hunger

You have to eat more to survive.

Urban Legend

Villagers run away from you.

Burning Sun

The hot sun burns your icy heart leaving you with 2 less hearts than a human during the day time.

Bizzlet Origin


The Biz's younger brother.

Sticky Hands

Your hands are sticky in a way that makes climbing easy for you. This can be toggled by jumping while crouched.


Your small size makes getting around easier, and you move a bit quicker than humans.


Due to your small body you have 8 hearts.

Light as a Feather

You fall as gently to the ground as a feather would.


You can get extremely good deals from villagers.


You are half a block tall.


Due to your small size, you are weaker than a normal human.


You cannot use a shield.


Due to all the work you have done, you are very hungry.


You can withdraw an emerald from the bank every minute.

Hellhound Origin


(Ahead of time, sorry, this is a very sh*tpost-y origin that a friend made lol)

Born from the fiery pits of hell, you've been made to gatekeep the Nether.


You have 12 hearts instead of 10.


You're flame and lava proof.

Firey Launching

Using your primary ability, you can launch yourself high up in the air without taking damage.

You're From the Nether

All Nether mobs are neutral to you.

Stronk Pt. 2

Youโ€™re stronger in the Nether compared to the Overworld, in the Overworld youโ€™re weaker (Strength I and Speed I when in the Nether, but Weakness I and Slowness I in the Overworld).

You Fart Fire

You have small flame particles emitting off of you at all times.

You're From the Nether, but Actually This Time


Meat, Mouth, NOM

You're born as a Hellhound (wow who could have thought) making you unable to digest anything but meat.


Ew. Water. No likey. (You get nausea in cold biomes cause you hate cold >:( )

Dear Hellhound, You're From the Nether...

We had to make sure you're paying attention. YOU'RE FROM THE NETHER. Oh, also, villagers hate you and Iron Golems hate you. Have fun :)

Credit to HuntedF0x#0002 for the idea!

Iron Golem Origin

Iron Golem

A fierce protector of the Villagers.

Iron Knowledge

You do extra damage with iron weapons, and you have haste when using iron tools.

Iron Body

You have more health, and you are taller than a human. However, you are consequently slower than humans and you get exhausted faster.

Village Life

You have constant Hero of the Village, due to you being the protector of the Villagers.

Powerful Arms

When you hit enemies with your Primary Power, you fling them high up into the air.

Natural Armor

You have natural resistance to attacks and berry bushes.

Strong Arms

You are able to mine stone without using a pickaxe.

Credit to MedsWithMask#8657 for the idea!


If you'd like to be informed about Origins B.E. updates and other Custom Origins updates the moment they happen, feel free to join this server! There are lots of other Custom Origins for the addon on the Discord server than there is on ModBay.


I run a Discord server to provide support to those who have issues with addons on their Realms. I run a Realm myself with the Origins addon along with tons of other addons, so I am no stranger to the many errors that can occur with a Realm with addons. Drop by if you need some help with any problems you may have! This server is UNOFFICIAL, not partnered with Microsoft or Minecraft itself. It is community-run.

If you need any help with the addon feel free to message me on Discord, my tag is Rewby23#3830. I am also Rewby23 on reddit, Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram, if any of those are better for you to reach out on :>


THIS ADDON DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT LAMMAS123's ORIGINS B.E. ADDON! Please download that addon first!!

  1. To download the Origins B.E. addon, first join the discord server here:
  2. Once you are on the discord server, navigate to the #updates-downloads channel. Download the latest version of the addon there.
  3. After you have downloaded both the Ruby Origins pack and the Origins B.E. pack, put them onto a world. MAKE SURE THAT THE RUBY ORIGINS ARE BELOW THE ORIGINS B.E. PACK.

Go to the Experimental Features section when creating a world and turn on:

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Beta APIs
  • Molang Features

Required experiments for addon

This pack does work with all experimental features on (except the Sniffer and the 1.20 toggles), so if you'd like to put all of those on, feel free, but Holiday Creator Features, Molang, and Beta API MUST be turned on. The addon does not work otherwise.

Also observe the order of activation of Behavior Packs:

Origin Addon activated

Once that is done, create the world and have fun! :D


Credit to AplleJuice#1610 for some of the Origins icons in the pack and for the cover image!

Credit to Lammas123 for the Origins B.E. addon and for all the help he has given over the months :D

Credit to Apace100 on for the original Java Origins mod.

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