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This is a behavior pack that adds a TP Menu (teleportation menu) that allows you to send tp requests to other players asking them if you are allowed to teleport to them. (tpr - tpa system), and adds a marker system for world admins to mark down important locations to which anyone can teleport to! Some markers can be set to admin only as well!

Experimental Toggles

Required Experimental Toggles

Custom Command Information

Command Description
tpi.menu Gives you the TP Menu used for sending and receiving tp requests.
tpi.bed Teleports you to your respawn point.

Commands have a cooldown of 3 seconds & the tpi. prefix by default. You can change them in the Config File.

TP Menu Information

TP Menu

To make the TP Menu UI appear, you do right-click/use the TP Menu item. (Can be found in the Nature Section of the Creative Menu)

Send out a TP Request:

Allows you to select a specific player that is online at the moment and send them a request, so you can teleport to them.

Your outgoing request:

Here will appear the TP Request that you have sent to another player. You can have only one outgoing request at a time. Since having multiple doesn't have any use, you can only be at one location at a time. And like that preventing players from sending requests to everyone online.

Manage incoming requests:

Here go the TP requests that other players send to you, you can choose which to deny and to accept. When accepted, that player will teleport to you.

TP to a Marker:

Here every marker that is set in the world and that you have permission to teleport to, will be listed and you will be teleported to the selected marker.

TP to Respawnpoint:

This will teleport you to your respawnpoint, but if none present it will teleport you to the worldspawnpoint.

Manage Markers:

Here you can set, remove and move Markers but you need the tpiManager tag (Tag can be changed in the config file) to unlock the Manage Markers button in the TP Menu as shown below.

"Manage Markers" Button

When clicked, it will list you every marker possible (Every marker type can be changed or you can create new markers in the config file) and indicate if the marker has been set or not in the world. Once you selected a marker, if it existed, you can move or remove it, else you can set it in the world.

Config File

/TP Items/scripts/config.js

Config File

Updated on October 30

  • Made pack work for Minecraft v1.20.40
  • Changed the entire Marker System (Now manageable in the TP Menu, TPI Manager Tag needed!)
  • Made the config file have more customisation options
  • Added a pvp delay, if a player hits an other or gets hit by one, they won't be able to use TPI for an X seconds
  • Added the requirement for a TPI Manager Tag to set, remove & edit markers
  • Removed custom commands to teleport to a marker (everything in the TP Menu), now just tpi.bed and tpi.menu left
  • Added the option to have your markers be only available for TPI Managers
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