Ramadan Craft V5 The Structure Update 1.20.0+

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Ramadan Craft Add-on is here!! After hard working on this add-on It's finally out now you can get Ramadan lanterns and Ramadan decorations and much more in your Minecraft worlds with this add-on.

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NOTE: To use this addon, enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options!!!

All the crafting recipes are shown in the Ramadan Crafter.

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Prepare yourself for the biggest update Ramadan Craft has ever received.

RCv5 Additions


Men & Women:

  • Men will now track and attack zombies & illagers
  • Men will not be damaged by player attacks
  • Men will Donate to charity boxes
  • Men will now speak when interacted with
  • All Man variants have the same chance of spawning
  • Men will spawn on their own
  • Young NPCs will have a different speech than adult NPCs
  • All Woman variants have the same chance of spawning
  • Women can spawn on their own & can be found in groups of 2
  • Women will now follow men around
  • Women will run from zombies & illagers
  • Women will no longer take damage when attacked
  • Women will now speak when interacted with


  • Man & woman no longer become zombie-infected [Fix]
  • Fixed man & woman coding errors [Fix]

Msaharaty & Msa7araty:

  • Reduced Msa7araty Spawn Limit to 1
  • Msaharaty no longer spawns on light-emitting blocks
  • Msaharaty will now spawn on the sun setting only
  • Msaharaty won't be damaged by player attacks
  • Msaharaty will now speak when interacted with
  • Ms7araty's running from monsters behavior now is a higher priority
  • Removed [Msa7araty Drum, hanging Lights, Led Lights, Deco Lights, Ramadan Decoration] from Msa7araty's Trade


  • Msa7araty no longer becomes zombie-infected [Fix]
  • Fixed Msa7araty & Sheikh coding errors [Fix]


  • Sheikh won't be damaged by player attacks
  • Sheikh's running from monsters behavior now is a higher priority
  • Sheikh's will now speak when interacted with
  • Removed Sheikh's trade table


  • Sheikh no longer becomes zombie-infected [Fix]
  • Fixed Sheikh's weird standing animation [Fix]

Palm Wood:

  • Palm Wood Stairs now connect like vanilla stairs
  • Palm Stairs now acts like stairs when walking on them
  • Palm logs now rotate the same as Minecraft logs
  • Retextured palm planks & palm wood blocks
  • Retextured palm logs to match the new planks texture
  • Added Palm Boat
  • Added Palm Chest Boat
  • Added Palm Door
  • Added Palm trap Droor
  • Added Palm Fence
  • Added Palm Fence Gate


  • Fixed Palm Wood recipes [Fix]
  • Fixed double palm slabs act like half a block when standing on them [Fix]
  • Crafting palm slabs now gives you 6 instead of 4 [Fix]
  • Palm wood is now used in all recipes that need wood [Fix]


Ramadan Crafter:

  • Updated Ramadan Crafter's model


  • Fixed Ramadan crafter not displaying recipes [Fix]
  • Fixed the Ramadan crafter name above the crafting grid [Fix]
  • Fixed Ramadan Crafters rotation [Fix]
  • Fixed Ramadan Crafters glitching textures [Fix]

Fire Crackers:

  • Renamed [Regular Bomb] to [RegularFire Cracker]
  • Renamed [Small Bomb] to [Small Fire Cracker]


  • Fixed Fire Cracker recipes [Fix]
  • Fixed Small Firecracker coding errors [Fix]
  • Fixed regular Firecracker coding errors [Fix]


  • Plates now have placement & pickup sounds
  • Plates now have placing and removing food sounds


  • Reworked the plates for a more optimized code [Fix]



  • Fixed Khoshaf Cup not being placed when trying to place one [Fix]
  • Fixed an error that made the Khoshaf Cup not edible [Fix]


  • Adjusted the Msalya model to connect with each other


  • Fixed Msaleyas recipes [Fix]
  • Fixed Emam Block collision box errors [Fix]
  • Fixed Msaleyas collision box errors [Fix]
  • Changed how Msaleya renders in the game to fix texture glitching [Fix]

Decoration Blocks:

  • Lanterns are no longer craftable
  • Small Lanterns are no longer craftable
  • Cannons now have placement & pickup sounds


  • Fixed decoration blocks recipes [Fix]
  • Fixed Fizz Bottles recipes [Fix]
  • Ramadan Decoration's hit box has been increased to 16x16 (full block) [Fix]
  • Deco Light's hit box has been increased to 16x16 (full block) [Fix]

New Blocks:

  • Added a ceiling fan that can be turned on and off
  • Added a wall fan that turns and can be turned on and off
  • Added a Faucet that functions
  • Added a Charity Box for Donations
  • Added a Shoe Stand that has storage
  • Added a Mat that rolls up
  • Added an ornament block to decorate the masged



  • Updated Khoshaf Cup's texture
  • Updated Konafa's texture
  • Updated Baked Konafa's texture
  • Updated Atayef's texture
  • Updated Baked Atayef's texture
  • Updated Sambosa's texture
  • Updated Baked Sambosa's texture


  • Fixed food recipesย [Fix]
  • Khoshaf no longer has a cooldown after eatingย [Fix]

Other Items:

  • Updated Msa7araty & Sheikh's Spawn Egg
  • Updated Cannon Rod texture
  • Updated Drum Stick's texture
  • Updated Plate's texture
  • Updated Palm Sapling's texture
  • Updated Cannon's texture
  • New RC coin that is used in various situations


  • Updated the Masged to be 64x64 blocks
  • Added a new shop to buy all the new blocks from it
  • Updated House structure to feature the new palm wood blocks
  • House structures will now have a random couple of rc People
  • Increased palm's generation a bit


  • Updated the UI to the latest GU UI version
  • Added Ramadan Crafter's tutorial screen
  • Added Structures tutorial screen

Image Gallery

Palm Wood

Ramadan Craft: Palm Wood


Ramadan Craft: Entities

Decoration Blocks

Ramadan Craft: Decoration Blocks

New Decoration Blocks

Ramadan Craft: New Decoration Blocks


Ramadan Craft: Food


Ramadan Craft: Structures

For the .mcaddon file please go to https://gamingudu.com

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    MashaAllah cool brother!! I didn't know there were other Ramadan mod creator besides Indo
    1. Yes, it is quite old. Next year marks the fifth anniversary of Ramadan Craft.
  2. Yes somebody understands. I suggest to make another mod no pig or pork mod please
    1. Pork already poisons you.ย