Terraria Pirate Invasion, now in Bedrock! (Concept)

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The pirate invasion event from Terraria is now in Minecraft!

Fight through waves of pirates and two mini bosses in this hard mode event and get rich!

This is my own idea/concept of the invasion event, let me know through my discord or twitter what needs to be improved or if there are better ways of doing this. There will be more updates added to the add-on in the future, like better loot, gold furniture, character balancing, etc.

Terraria Pirates

Pirate Map

The Pirate Map is an item used to summon a Pirate Invasion. It has a 10% chance of dropping from Drowned, Squids, Glow Squids, Guardians and Elder Guardians, depending on luck. Pirates from the event can also drop the item.

Pirate Map

To use the item, simply hold it and place it on the ground like a spawn egg. You'll know a pirate invasion starts when the message pops up, along with the pirates that will spawn next to you. If you're killed before the defeating the invasion, the event doesn't disappear and will continue until you complete it.

The pirates have arrived title

Be careful of where you spawn the event, spawning it in a place close to caves or mountains has a chance of summoning them inside. I recommend spawning the event in a more open space.


Pirate Deckhand

The Pirate Deckhand is one of the pirates spawning in the invasion. It is a melee mob with low health and damage, but it's the fastest pirate in the event. They can break doors.

Pirate Deckhand

Pirate Corsair

The Pirate Corsair is similar to the Pirate Deckhand, and has more health and damage but has slower movement. They can also break doors.

Pirate Corsair

Pirate Deadeye

The Pirate Deadeye is a ranged mob that fires bullets. They fire at a moderate firing speed and have more health.

Pirate Deadeye

Pirate Crossbower

The Pirate Crossbower is a ranged mob that fires arrows. It has the longest range out of all the pirates, has a fast firing speed and has more health.

Pirate Crossbower

Flag Pirate

The Flag Pirate is a special mob featured in the event. It is a Pirate Deadeye with a flag on its back, and will spawn the next wave when killed.

Be careful not to kill them when there are still lots of pirates around, as they will immediately start the next wave. Players, pets, iron golems and natural death can cause it to start the next wave.

Flag Pirate

You'll know the next wave starts when the message pops up. Pirates will always spawn somewhere near the player.

Pirates are approaching title

Pirate Captain

The Pirate Captain is one of the mini bosses in the event. It is a powerful mob that can attack you with its gun and cannon.

The gun fires multiple bullets at a high firing speed, while the cannon fires a few cannonballs at a slower firing speed. Bullets are weaker and have no knockback but are fired multiple times. Cannonballs detonate upon impact with blocks or mobs, and deal massive damage that can also send mobs flying.

The Pirate Captain has much more health compared to the other pirates, and is immune to knockback.

Pirate Captain

Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is the other mini boss that appears in the event. It is a powerful mob that moves towards enemies while firing cannons.

The Flying Dutchman has more health than the Pirate Captain, and is also immune to knockback.

Flying Dutchman

The invasion is defeated when this message pops. During the final wave, a Pirate Captain with more health will spawn.

Here is some of the loot you can expect after completing the event.

The pirates have been defeated title

Loot from pirates

After defeating the pirate invasion, the Pirate NPC will spawn nearby.

The Pirate NPC has arrived title

The Pirate is an NPC that looks exactly like the Pirate Captain, but instead will only attack monsters and other enemies. It is a passive mob that will never attack you even if you hit it by accident.

It can defend itself using either the gun or cannon, but unlike the Pirate Captain, it has much less health and damage from the cannon.

The Pirate NPC

You can also trade with it for some items, including the Pirate Captain and Flying Dutchman spawns.

Trading with a The Pirate NPC

You can check the video below to see what the event looks like in action.

And while you're at it, subscribe to the channel for more updates :D


This add-on isn't complete, more updates will be given in the future. Also expect some bugs.

This is a hard mode event, so expect some difficulty trying to defeat it. Be prepared with armor and food.

A lot of the mobs are ranged, so using a ranged weapon against them gives you a better chance of survival.

Be careful with the Pirate Captain and Flying Dutchman, as their cannons are their strongest weapons. Having a shield with you is important, but since the Pirate Captain can quickly destroy it with its rapid fire gun, it's best to bring extra shields.

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