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Happy Adha Eid, as always, is back with a new Adha Craft update. Enjoy the new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Grab a trough, start feeding the animals to get them fat and do what a butch does.


Adha craft is a special add-on for those who have always wanted to be a butcher in Minecraft. The add-on adds many realistic features to your Minecraft world, making butchering fun. Grab your butcher knife & start chasing the mobs. Make your real farm all in Minecraft.



  • Added the Basin [Block]
  • Added Minecraft's Came head [Block]
  • Added Ostrich Head [Block]
  • Minecraft's camel head can now be hanged on the head hanger [Block]


  • Blooded Tools can now be cleaned in the basin [Item]


  • Fat Sheep can now be sheared [Entity]
  • Ostrich will now burry its head when it detects threats [Entity]
  • Ostrich will unberry its head after 10s [Entity]
  • Retextured the ostrich [Entity]
  • Ostrich now has ambient, death, hurt sound [Entity]
  • You can now sacrifice Minecraft's Camel [Entity]
  • Minecraft's camel can now be hanged and skinned [Entity]
  • Minecraft's camel now has a fat varient [Entity]
  • Shift Click the ostrich with a skinning knife to sacrifice it.
  • Ostrich can now be hanged and skinned [Entity]

Bug Fixes:

  • Mobs will once again drop blood when sacrificed [Bug Fix]
  • Fixed an error that prevented players from dying sheep [Bug Fix]
  • Sheep will now have their wool removed when sheared [Bug Fix]
  • Sheep will now drop loot when killed while sheared [Bug Fix]
  • Animals are now pushable [Bug Fix]
  • Fixed an unknown error that caused animations to malfunction [Bug Fix]
  • Adjusted the head hanger's hit box [Bug Fix]
  • ostrich will now avoid dead animals and hanging carcasses [Bug Fix]

Minecraft's Camel Head:

Minecraft's Camel Head

Ostrich Head:

Ostrich Head





Butchering Table:

Butchering Table

Colored Sheep Heads:

Colored Sheep Heads

Blooded Knifes:

Blooded Knifes



Tie the animals:

Tie the animals

New dead animal textures:

New dead animal texture

That's all, more features & fixes in the next beta!!!!

Adha Craft v3 For Minecraft 1.19.0+


A new hay and water container to feed the animals from.


New Eating and Drinking Animations:

Animals now get fat while eating from the trough and skinny while drinking.

Cow Eating

Fat Animals:

The fat is a new state a mob can reach after eating hay from the trough; it's also a bit bigger than normal animals.

Fat Cow

Grills Improvement:

Grills have new raw and cooked food models, and they smoke while cooking food. Take your cooked food after 30 seconds of grilling.


Grinders Improvement:

Remodeled the beef in the grinder to match the Minecraft beef and fixed some texture glitches.


Tools Retexture:

Retextured the bone saw, glove.

Retextured Tools

Food Retexture:

Retextured raw and cooked Brain, Meat Cubes, Ribs, Roast.

Retextured Food


The wrench is a tool used to rotate blocks such as the grill and grinder.



Animal Heads are now converted to blocks instead of entities.

Animal Heads

Colored Sheep:

Colored sheep can now drop carcasses based on their color. You can get colored wool while skinning.

Colored Sheep Carcasses

Improved UI:

Remade the changelog UI and added a tutorial for the trough and a menu for plans we have for v4.

Improved UI

Adha Craft v2 For Minecraft 1.18.10 - 1.19

Hanging Mobs:

Hanging Mob

Skinning Mobs:

Skinning Mob

Realistic Butching:

Realistic Butching

Meat Grinders:




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  • This version is SUPPORTED on Minecraft 1.20.70+ only!
  • Activate all experimental toggles:

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Updated on June 25

  • Updated the download links
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  1. No avatar image Danishah
    Bro how to sacrifice the minecraft camel?
    1. No avatar image GU Studios
      check the how to play button in the world settings
  2. No avatar image Bacillos
    I can't even add the mod for some reason
    1. make sure you are using the latest minecraft release, as the addon is supported on minecraft 1.20.70+