Lifesteal Addon (v1.15 Big Update!)

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The lifesteal addon is based on the plugin from the Lifesteal SMP, where whenever you die, you lose a heart, when you kill a player, you gain a heart! This addon is updated to support the latest versions of Minecraft (for now) and addon features include; Stealing hearts, Crafting hearts, Withdrawing hearts, and even reviving dead players who lose all their hearts!

Lifesteal Addon

Killing a player gives you their heart, getting killed by any source will lose you a heart. (This can be changed using ?envsteal)


Heart Fragment - Used to make hearts

Heart Fragment Recipe

Heart Essence - Used to make hearts

Heart Essence Recipe

Heart - Used to gain 1 heart

Heart Recipe

Gain hearts by:

  • Killing another player

Killing Another Player

  • Using a heart item

Using a Heart Item

Lose hearts by:

  • Getting killed

Getting Killed

Withdrawing hearts

Hearts can be withdrew by doing ?withdraw <amount>

The Beacon of Life

The Beacon of Life: Screenshot

The Beacon of Life can be used to revive people:

  1. Hold the Beacon of Life
  2. Right click/use the BoL
  3. Select which player to revive

Revive GUI: Screenshot

Craft it using this recipe:

The Beacon of Life Recipe

The Heart of Life

Using this item will give you an extra permanent revive heart (instead of reviving with 5 hearts, you revive with 6) (This was previously used to revive people, now it has a different use)

The Heart of Life: Screenshot

Craft it using this recipe:

The Heart of Life Recipe

Changing recipes:

1. Open your file manager and go to the addon

Opening the File Manager

2. Rename it to lifesteal.zip

Renaming Addon File to .zip

3. Extract the addon and open the folder

Extracting the Addon


4. Open Lifesteal BP

Opening Lifesteal BP Folder

5. Open recipes

Opening Recipes Folder

6. Open the recipe you want to change

Opening the Recipe File

7. Change the recipe! (Really easy)

Changing the Recipe

8. Save the files and compress Lifesteal BP and RP again

Saving and Compressing the Files

9. Rename lifesteal.zip to lifesteal.mcaddon and open it

Renaming Addon File to .mcaddon


Losing all your hearts puts you into spectator mode (changeable with ?banghosts), players in spectator mode can only go a limited amount of blocks before being teleported to spawn.


The prefix is ?

Normal Commands

  • ?help | Messages you all the custom commands and their functions
  • ?withdraw <amount> | Withdraws an amount of hearts
  • ?revive <player> | Revives a ghost
  • ?welcome | Show the welcome GUI
  • ?heart display | Toggles Heart Display (Display your hearts over your head)
  • ?heart show | Toggles Heart Show (Display your hearts only to yourself with an actionbar)

Staff Commands (/tag @s add lifesteal-opped)

  • ?adminpanel | Open the admin panel
  • ?heart set <player> <amount> | Set a player's hearts to an amount
  • ?heart add <player> <amount> | Adds to a player's heart count
  • ?heart remove <player> <amount> | Removes hearts from a player's heart count
  • ?heart setmax <20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100> | Set the maximum amount of hearts
  • ?heart envsteal <true/false> | Toggle to turn environment steal on or off
  • ?heart reset <player> | Resets a player's heart count
  • ?heart gain <amount> | Sets the number of hearts given when killing a player
  • ?heart lose <amount> | Sets the number of hearts lost when dying
  • ?compatibility <arg> <true/false> | Compatibility mode
  • ?banghosts <true/false> | Option to ban ghosts (Not recommended for worlds as the owner can't get banned/kicked, also might make a player quit)
  • ?reviveamount <amount> | Sets the revive amount (How many hearts you get when you get revived)
  • ?startamount <amount> | Sets the start amount (How many hearts you get when you first join)
  • ?ghostbarrier <amount> | Sets the ghost barrier, (?ghostbarrier disable to disable) the ghost barrier is how much a ghost can travel before teleporting to 0, 0 again
  • ?get <item> <amount> | Get a lifesteal item (heart, heart_essence, heart_of_life, withdraw_heart, and heart_fragment)

Environment Steal

If environment steal is on, you will lose hearts from mobs and other natural causes, if it isn't, you will only lose hearts from players.

Admin Panel

The admin panel has 2 different commands with their own subset of commands, let's focus on the important one:

Admin Panel - Heart: Screenshot 1

Admin Panel - Heart: Screenshot 2

Set Hearts

Heart - Set Hearts: Screenshot

Reset Hearts

Heart - Reset Hearts: Screenshot

Set Maximum Hearts

Heart - Set Maximum Hearts: Screenshot

Kill or Revive

Heart - Kill or Revive: Screenshot


HeartGL: Screenshot

Ban Ghosts

Ban Ghosts: Screenshot

Required Experimental Gameplay:


Required Experiments for Lifesteal Addon (Variant 1)


Required Experiments for Lifesteal Addon (Variant 2)

Can't see the images?

  1. Holiday Creator Features
  2. GameTest Framework/Beta APIs


You are allowed to:

  • Showcase this addon WITH CREDITING
  • Use this addon in your worlds/servers/realms
  • Modify this addon (Without removing the credits)

You are NOT allowed to:

  • Repost this addon to other sites (This includes apps)
  • Create your own download link
  • Claim this addon as your own

For more information, go to this video:

This addon will be updated monthly :) (or when update comes and breaks this addon and I have to refix it)

Currently, this addon only works on 1.20.x ONLY

Updated on February 13

Lifesteal 1.15

  • Made compatible with 1.20.60
  • New commands
    • ?compatibility
    • ?heart gain
    • ?heart lose
    • ?heart count
  • New textures for all the items
  • Heart of Life is no longer the revive item, it is now the Beacon of Life
  • Heart of Life given a different use
  • Heart of Life given an animation
  • Code improved
  • Bug fixes
Changelog for July 10 / Old Update
  • Added 1.20.x support
  • Overhauled the revive and dead systems
  • Made the heart system a lot better (a lot)
  • Changed the command system to work in 1.20.x
  • Rewrote the ?heart command (Now more better code and readable)
  • Added back ?heart reset
  • New ?heart set, add, remove, display, and show syntax
  • Slight texture changes
  • Added new commands:
    • ?reviveamount <amount> - How many hearts to give a player when they get revived
    • ?startamount <amount> - How many hearts to give a player when they first join the world/server/realm/etc
  • New syntaxes:
    • ?heart display
    • ?heart show
    • ?heart set GamerDos7511 10
    • ?heart add "Gamer Dos23" 10
    • ?heart remove "GamerDos7511" 10
  • Moved ?heart heartgl to its own command, now its just ?heartgl
  • When you are at max health and you gain a heart, you will stay at your previous health (e.g you are at 10 hearts, you gain a heart, you stay at 10 health and your max health is now 11)
  • Made the revive and dead players system better
  • The addon now checks if HCF is off (Holiday Creator Features)
  • A lot of performance changes/improvements
  • Rewrote A LOT of the code and made it better
  • Fixed the bug where the ghosts can use ?heart display and ?heart show
  • Changed the color of help page to green
  • New database (Less ram usage hopefully)
  • Bug fixes
  • Other stuff I probably forgot to put here
Changelog for May 17 / Old Update
  • Fixed a heart dupe glitch
  • Changes to the withdraw command
  • Minor changes to optimization
  • Other bug fixes I probably forgot to put here
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Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50
2 765
  1. This addons commands aren't working and the hearts don't work
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      That only happens when u turn player json off
  2.  profile avatarCrystlu profile avatar Crystlu
    Btw when will modbay/gamerdos update this because on mcpedl this addon is already updated to work with mc v1.20+