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Are the frogs in Minecraft not crazy enough? They already eat slimes, magma cubes, and in the beta they were introduced in, they ate goats, but what if they ate even more? What if Frog Eat Stuff?

New Items and Blocks

Frog Eat Stuff adds a bunch of silly items that various mobs drop when eaten by frogs.

Froglight blocks

  • When a frog eats a blaze, a frog rod is dropped, which is a new decorative block similar to the end rod
  • When a frog eats a skeleton or stray, a frog dart is dropped, a new throwable projectile. These deal 4 damage, and inflict an effect on their target:
    • Pearlescent - Poison
    • Ochre - Weakness
    • Verdant - Slowness
  • When a frog eats an enderman, a frog pearl is dropped, an alternative to ender pearls which throws farther and does not spawn endermites
  • When a frog eats an evoker, a frog tooth is dropped, which is a 5-damage melee weapon that inflicts the same effects as the corrosponding frog dart. They can also be used to instantly break leaves. Frog teeth are not repairable or enchantable, and have 250 durability.
  • When a frog eats a ravager, a frog horn is dropped, which freezes all mobs in the 3 block radius when used. Each type has different stats:
    • Pearlescent - 200 uses, freezes for 5 seconds
    • Ochre - 100 uses, freezes for 10 seconds
    • Verdant - 50 uses, freezes for 20 seconds.
  • All frog horn types have a 5 second cooldown
  • Due to a Minecraft bug, Frog Darts and Frog Pearls will cause significant lag when thrown for the first time in a session. There is nothing I can do about this

Other Drops

In addition to new items, other mobs will now drop different vanilla items when eaten by frogs

  • When a frog eats a goat, a goat horn is dropped
  • When a frog eats a rabbit, a rabbitโ€™s foot is dropped

Frog, Turtle and loot

  • When a frog eats a turtle, a scute is dropped
  • When a frog eats a drowned, a trident is dropped
  • When a frog eats a silverfish, an iron nugget is dropped (very strange iron farm concept)
  • When a frog eats an elder guardian, a heart of the sea is dropped

Frog, Guardian and loot

  • When a frog eats a guardian, a sponge is dropped

Installation Instructions & Other Info

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