Strat's Food Expansion (v1.7.2)

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Discover and create new foods to give you the meals that your stomach deserves! This add-on was created to give you a challenge and make you eat more than just a few portions of beef every now and then.


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Final Note

Thanks for checking out this add-on! Many more foods will be added in the future, but if you would like to see other food in this add-on, please let me know and I'll add it for you.

Language Support

  • This add-on currently supports:
  • English (United States)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • Español (España)
  • Français (France) - Thanks to loananas
  • Português (Brasil) - Thanks to strangecreeper
  • Indonesia (Indonesia) - Thanks to rainbowdashcool
  • Русский (Россия) - Thanks to moorks
  • 中国人 - Thanks to bilibilimr.pineapple

The extent of this is only the block and item names, as the Cook Book is hardcoded in English, sadly.

Terms of Use

  • Please do not redistribute this add-on without using my modbay link.
  • Please don't steal any textures.
  • You can use my code to learn for your own add-ons.
  • If you would like to use this add-on in videos, please credit me and add the download link from mcpedl.

Experimental Features

To get access to all the features, make sure to tick these experimental boxes.

Required Experiments for Strat's Food Expansion Addon

Updated on September 27

Hotfix (v1.7.2):

  • Added Maple Fences and Fence Gates
  • Fixed fruit rendering in blenders
  • Updated format version for blocks and items
  • Added Indonesian language support (Indonesia) - Thanks to rainbowdashcool
  • Added Russian language support (Russia) - Thanks to moorks
  • Added Simplified Chinese language support (China) - Thanks to bilibilimr.pineapple
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Strat's Food Expansion (v1.7.2)
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  2. I love that add-on, never gets outdated!!!
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    na próxima update seria legal um triturador de carne( Pra poder fazer Linguiça-almôndegas e etc) kkkk