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Discover and create new foods to give you the meals that your stomach deserves! This add-on was created to give you a challenge and make you eat more than just a few portions of beef every now and then.

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Strat's Food Expansion! This add-on nerfs all existing vanilla foods and requires more progression for you to obtain a fulfilling meal!

Cook Book

In my best way possible, I've provided information on all the equipment in the Cook Book, and an intro to the add-on, so you don't have to read much of this page.

Cook Book Recipe

Cook Book Screenshot


As you explore, you will encounter some things that will help you make some of your favourite foods.

Crop Bush

When breaking these, you will have a chance of obtaining most of the new crops: tomato, lettuce, tea leaves and coffee beans, along with other vanilla crops, like potatoes, melon seeds, etc.

There are four new types: Forest Bushes, Taiga Bushes, Tropical Bushes and Torrid Bushes.

Crop Bushes

You can also collect them by using shears!

Each crop bush type has their own unique drops.

Bushes Drops

Copper Crop Pot

This is a stylish block to place your crops on, without the need of water to grow!

Copper Crop Pot Recipe

Maple Trees

Maple syrup can be gathered from this tree, by using a glass jar when the syrup on the logs has matured.

Marple Tree

A whole wood set is also introduced by this tree:

Marple Wood Blocks


  • Maple Stairs do not currently have an accurate collision box, and instead work like slabs for now.
  • A Maple Leaf can be dropped by Maple Leaves, allowing you to make Leaf Piles (as shown on the far right).

Crop Trees

Occasionally, you will also come across different types of crops on trees, which cannot be found in the crop bush, e.g. oranges and coconuts.

Oranges Tree

Salt Ore

Salt Ore is a white ore, found in caves and mountains. When mining this, you can get from 1-3 pieces of salt, which is a key ingredient for making a lot of foods.

Salt Ore



This is used to make butter, by placing milk in it and churning it.

Churn Recipe

Churn Block

Pestle and Mortar

This is needed for grinding things, like wheat to get flour, sugar canes to get sugar and cocoa beans to get cocoa powder for chocolate!

Pestle and Mortar Recipe

Pestle and Mortar


This is used to toast bread, obviously. Just slot some bread slices in the toaster and it will become toast.

This can be buttered and even jam or marmalade can be added to it!

Toaster Recipe


Kitchen Knife

This is needed to cut food on the Chopping Board.

Netherite Kitchen Knives are now also available, if you are committed enough for one.

Kitchen Knife Recipe

Diamond Kitchen Knife Recipe

Netherite Kitchen Knife Recipe

Chopping Board

This is mainly used to cut foods into slices and more (recipes shown in the Cook Book).

Chopping Board Recipe

Chopping Board


An integral part of your kitchen.

Used for baking cakes, pies and for general cooking.

Once powered with typical furnace fuel, the door can be opened to begin baking.

Stove Recipe

Stove Blocks

Stove Block UI


This is used for making soups/stews and other recipes, such as salt and cheese.

Note: This can only be placed on furnaces or smokers.

Pot Recipe

Frying Pan

This is used to cook many different foods, which can be seen from the Cook Book.

Note: This can only be placed on furnaces or smokers.

Frying Pan Recipe

Frying Pan


Used for making smoothies (recipes shown in Cook Book).

Blender Recipe


Drinking Glass

Used for cold drinks, like smoothies and juices.

Drinking Glass Recipe

Clay Mug

These are used to make Ceramic Mugs by smelting them.

Clay Mug Recipe

Ceramic Mug

These are used for hot drinks, e.g. tea or coffee.

Ceramic Mug Recipe

Paper Plate

These are needed for making 10 fulfilling meals, like Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, Chicken and Waffles, etc.

However, they become dirty and are only a one-time use.

Paper Plate Recipe

Clay Plate

These are used to make Ceramic Plates by smelting them.

Clay Plate Recipe

Ceramic Plate

These are an alternative to Paper Plates but are reusable and also now placeable!

Ceramic Plate Recipe


A big change to food is that it now has varied duration levels, depending on how many hunger points the food gives.

Use Duration of the Foods

Because there is a lot of food in this add-on, I'll only give a few examples.


Bread has been tweaked to become a loaf and its recipe has been changed to make it more difficult to obtain.

First, you will need to make flour, using wheat in a Mortar and Pestle.

Making Flour

Next, you use water, flour and salt, and you get dough.

Dough Recipe

Finally, after obtaining three dough, you get bread!

Bread Recipe

Alternatively, you can also create a baguette by placing the dough vertically.

Baguette Recipe

Then, you can cut the Bread on the Chopping Board to obtain Bread Slices.

Chopping Board with Bread

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips is made with fries and cooked cod.

To get fries, you need 2 potatoes and salt, and you fry them in the frying pan.

Frying Potatoes

And with the fries, cooked cod and a plate together, voila! You get Fish and Chips!

Fish and Chips Recipe

Final Note

Thanks for checking out this add-on! Many more foods will be added in the future, but if you would like to see other food in this add-on, please let me know and I'll add it for you.

Language Support

  • This add-on currently supports:
  • English (United States)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • Español (España)
  • Français (France) - Thanks to loananas
  • Português (Brasil) - Thanks to strangecreeper
  • Indonesia (Indonesia) - Thanks to rainbowdashcool
  • Русский (Россия) - Thanks to moorks
  • 中国人 - Thanks to bilibilimr.pineapple

The extent of this is only the block and item names, as the Cook Book is hardcoded in English, sadly.

However, if you do want to add a new language to this add-on, let me know on my discord (linked in YouTube page).

Terms of Use

  • Please do not redistribute this add-on without using my mcpedl link.
  • Please don't steal any textures.
  • You can use my code to learn for your own add-ons.
  • If you would like to use this add-on in videos, please credit me and add the download link from ModBay.
  • If you want to create a modpack with this add-on, make sure to credit me and this page.

Experimental Features

To get access to all the features, make sure to tick all these experimental boxes.

Make sure to Disable recipe unlocking, it isn't currently supported for custom crafting tables, including the stove.

Required Experiments for the Strat's Food Expansion Addon

Updated on January 03

Hotfix (v1.7.3):

  • Updated Book Stand to support Tinkers (v2.0)
  • Removed Strato' Soil (no longer needed)
  • Improved Copper Crop Pot geometry (supports texture packs)
  • Crops lowered by 1 pixel to match vanilla
  • Typos fixed in Russian
Changelog for September 27 / v1.7.2 / Old Update

Hotfix (v1.7.2):

  • Added Maple Fences and Fence Gates
  • Fixed fruit rendering in blenders
  • Updated format version for blocks and items
  • Added Indonesian language support (Indonesia) - Thanks to rainbowdashcool
  • Added Russian language support (Russia) - Thanks to moorks
  • Added Simplified Chinese language support (China) - Thanks to bilibilimr.pineapple
Changelog for July 18 / v1.7.1 / Old Update

Hotfix (v1.7.1):

  • Added French language support (France) - Thanks to loananas
  • Added Portuguese language support (Brazil) - Thanks to strangecreeper
Changelog for June 24 / v1.7 / Old Update


  • Redesigned Maple Textures
  • Added Maple Wood
  • Added Stripped Maple Log + Wood
  • Slabs now use "vertical_half" block trait (accurate placing)
  • Added Maple Stairs (slab collision)
  • Added Maple Door + Trapdoor
  • Added Maple Leaf Piles (placed by Maple Leaf)
  • Maple Leaves now decay
  • Added Strato' Soil
  • Added Copper Crop Pots
  • Rice now drops seeds
  • Crop Tree leaves now decay


  • Added Stove - used for baking and general cooking
  • Several food recipes moved to Stove (e.g. bread, cakes, pies, etc)
  • Added 3D models for holding the Frying Pan and Cooking Pot
  • Added "Food Info" chapter in Cook Book
  • Adjusted angling of Cook Book
  • Added Book Stand - holds Cook Book
  • Retextured Kitchen Knife
  • Kitchen Knife is now enchantable and has extra attack damage
  • Added Diamond and Netherite Kitchen Knife
  • Fixed block rendering in inventory
  • Majorly recoded every food equipment block to format 1.19.70
  • Fixed Ceramic Plate blocks


  • Added Ethanol
  • Added Alcohol by brewing (Rum, Cider, Vodka, Gin)
  • Added Ramen
  • Added Mac and Cheese
  • Added Spider Eye Soup
  • Recoded Pie and Cake blocks
  • Added Shepherd's Pie
  • Added Muffins
  • Added Crispy Rice Bar
  • Added Fish Fingers (+sandwich)
  • Added Meatball Sub
  • Added Hash Browns
  • Added Pain Au Chocolat
  • Added Cotton Candy
  • Remastered several iconic food textures (thanks to Tomanex)
  • Polished Bread and Bread Slice textures
  • Improved Dough recipe
  • Balanced vanilla food saturation
  • Organised foods into categories
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