One Way Glass Addon

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This addon add a new variant of glass blocks, the One Way Glass block. This is a decoration block that you can use in your world. This blocks covers the front side of the block but transparent in the back.

The image below shows the one way glass block; believe it or not, the blocks on the left and the right are the same.

One Way Glass: Showcase Screenshot

For now these are the blocks that can be use for one way glass blocks.

One Way Glass: List of Available Blocks

(Not all blocks are shown here)


This is an example recipe for the one way glass block.

Just change the oak plank to any compatible block to craft the one way glass.

One Way Glass: Example Recipe

You can see the full list of blocks/items here -> FULL LIST

Showcase Video:

I would like to hear the blocks that you want to be added so I can prioritize those blocks in the next updates.

Updated on November 25

Version 4.2:

  • Fixed addon not working on servers.
  • Blocks now have proper names.
  • Fixed Stripped acacia and Lapis glasses.

Hope you enjoy the addon :D

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One Sided Glass Addon 1.19.8x (Boostellar)
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