TNT Firework Addon

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This addon adds 2 new rockets that launch you into the air (TNT Rocket) (Upgraded TNT Rocket).

There are 2 types of TNT Rockets

TNT Rocket

This item when used will launch the user up using TNT. Although, you will take damage, so be careful when using this item.

This item's main functionality is to be used as a crafting recipe for the Upgraded version of this item.

TNT Rocket crafting recipe

Upgraded TNT Rocket

This item is like the regular TNT Rocket, except it will deal no damage to you.

This item has much better value compared to the regular version.

Upgraded TNT Rocket crafting recipe

Uses of these items

These items have 3 intended uses:

1st is to be used to launch yourself with and elytra for mobility or get up high walls

2nd is to use the explosion to dig out the surrounding area

3rd is you can use the explosion to deal damage to nearby mobs

Using Upgraded TNT Rocket

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TNT Rocket[mcaddon, 7.19 Kb]
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  1. Plebsuper profile avatar Plebsuper
    This is my first addon I'm open to suggestions to make my addon better. I'm also working on support for the newer versions