Additional Structures v1.1 (Sky Update)

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This addon adds different structures to the game to improve your experience when exploring the world of Minecraft, since vanilla structures are not enough for most and are not worth it.

The addon adds new structures which you can find throughout your world, each of them has different loot and some of them may have rooms or traps with monsters, so be careful when exploring it.

There are currently 12 new structures in the addon, but soon there will be more.

Sky Ancient Sky Island

Here you can find some chests with the same loot as the ancient city, but be quiet because you might wake the warden

Sky Ancient Sky Island

Cave in the Sky Ancient Sky Island structure

Flying Ship

Flying Ship

Sky Castle

Sky Castle

Sky Island

Sky Island

Small Sky Island

Small Sky Island

Old House

Old House structure


Fortress structure

Tower Ruin

Tower Ruin structure

Small Tower Ruin

Small Tower Ruin structure


Ruin structure

Small Mineral Rock

Small Mineral Rock structure

Mineral Rock

Mineral Rock structure

Updated on July 17

  • Added 5 new structures: Ancient Sky Island, Sky Castle, Flying Ship, Sky Island and Small Sky Island

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1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.0 1.18.0