Effect Pillars v1.4 (New Effects)

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Would you like to have beacons with more effects? This addon adds different pillars that you can build and modify to have different effects that the vanilla beacon doesn't have. You can modify the range and level of each effect simply by changing the structure of the pillar!

The red pillars are offensive effects that only affect aggressive mobs, so it doesn't apply to the player. You can use these pillars to protect your base from monsters. (Some of them have different ranges)

Screenshot for Offensive Effects 1

Screenshot for Offensive Effects 2

The pillars consist of a structure made up of 3 blocks: the effect beacon, the amplifier and the upgrades. The blocks have to be placed in the specific order, or else it won't be possible to place it, and you can make combinations with the different blocks to get the effect and range you want!

All the blocks of these mods are crafted on the crafting table, and you can see the craft there.


Pillars Structure


This block it is the first block of the pillar and gives the level to the effect depending on whether you want, for example, speed 1 or 2. There are 3 upgrades:


Redstone Upgrade Recipe

Glowstone Upgrade Recipe

Amethyst Upgrade Recipe

  • Redstone Amplifier: Effect level 1
  • Glowstone Amplifier: Effect level 2
  • Amethyst Amplifier: Effect level 3

Amplifier Variants


The amplifier determines the maximum range of the pillar, outside of this you will not have the effect. They can only be placed over the upgrade block.


Iron Amplifier Recipe

Gold Amplifier Recipe

Diamond Amplifier Recipe

Netherite Amplifier Recipe

  • Iron Amplifier: 25 blocks of radius
  • Gold Amplifier: 50 blocks of radius
  • Diamond Amplifier: 75 blocks of radius
  • Gold Amplifier: 100 blocks of radius

Active Amplifier Blocks

Amplifier Radius


With this you choose the effect you want the pillar to give. Currently there are 10 effects and 5 offensive effects to protect your base. They can only be placed over the amplifier.

Crafting Examples


Beacon of the Strength Recipe


Beacon of the Speed Recipe

All the crafts are visible in the Crafting Table

Active Beacon Blocks

Base Stone

This block is used to make the beacons, amplifiers and upgrades. It is crafted as follows:

Base Stone Recipe

Comment what other effects or ideas do you want!

Updated on September 05

  • 5 new pillars with differents offensive effects such as Area Damage, Wither, Poison, Slowness and Weakness.
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