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Do you feel bored when you only have 2 lanterns in your game? Do you think the colour is boring? It doesn't go well with your building? Well, this addon is for you!

There are two types of lanterns! Crystal Lanterns and Light Source Lanterns. There is no difference in appearance between the two of them. The difference is in how you craft them. Showing is better than telling, so here are The Recipes!

Crystal Lanterns:

  • Amethyst Lantern (light level = 11)

Amethyst Lantern

Amethyst Lantern Recipe

  • Diamond Lantern (light level = 15)

Diamond Lantern

Diamond Lantern Recipe

  • Lapis Lazuli Lantern (light level = 10)

Lapis Lazuli Lantern

Lapis Lazuli Lantern Recipe

  • Emerald Lantern (light level = 10)

Emerald Lantern

Emerald Lantern Recipe

  • Quartz Lantern (light level = 11)

Quartz Lantern

Quartz Lantern Recipe

Light Source Lanterns:

  • Dead Lantern (light level = 0)

Dead Lantern

Dead Lantern Recipe

  • Glowstone Lantern (light level = 15)

Glowstone Lantern

Glowstone Lantern Recipe

  • Redstone Lantern (light level = 12)

Redstone Lantern

Redstone Lantern Recipe

  • Sea Lantern (light level = 15)

Sea Lantern

Sea Lantern Recipe

  • Shroomlight Lantern (light level = 15)

Shroomlight Lantern

Shroomlight Lantern Recipe


  • Shroomlight Piece

Shroomlight Piece Recipe

Updated on February 09

  • Updated to support v1.20.60
Download links
Light It Up [RP] Download HERE!
Light It Up [BP] Download HERE!
Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.0
  1. Jiantj07 profile avatar Jiantj07
    Hey Nuve Zall,
    I love the look of this mod and I'd love to use it. My problem is, everytime I try to load the mod I get this error : "Missing dependency with ID '9f09deee-a601-4c4d-9b2c-dab19841815b' and version '1.0.0'."

    How do I fix this?

    Thanks for your help
    1. Nuve Zall profile avatar Nuve Zall
      Oh, it's a bug. It'll be fix in the next update! Thank you for reporting :)
      1. Jiantj07 profile avatar Jiantj07
        Ok awesome. Thanks or the reply. Do you happen to know when the next update will be?
        1. Nuve Zall profile avatar Nuve Zall
          Kinda late to response am I? Sorry for the late response. I've been feeling burn out making addons for a whole month. But getting back to it now! So as soon as possible :0