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Have you ever wanted a new portal in Minecraft? Have you ever wanted a brand new dimension in Minecraft? A new realm? Well, you are in luck! The Divine Realm is my newest addon that will bring an entire realm to your map along with some brand new tools, armor, and mobs, as well as a small boss fight.

Video Trailer

PS: You can also see in the video how to make the portal.

Experimental Gameplay

NOTE: Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options to use this addon!!!

Required Experiments for Divine Dimension Addon (Variant 1)

Required Experiments for Divine Dimension Addon (Variant 2)

New Dimension

This addon starts with the Divine Portal Frame:

Divine Portal Frame Recipe

Once you craft the Divine Portal Frame, you will be able to make the portal to the divine realm. To complete the portal, you will need flint and steel and a Divine Pearl.

NOTE: Please don't place the first divine portal frame above Y level 90, only Y level < 90, thank you for your understanding.

Divine Pearl Recipe

For you to make the portal, you will need to place the Divine Portal Frame in front of you and light it on fire 4 times with the flint and steel. Doing this will make the rest of the portal frame appear in front of you. After that, you will need to place the Divine Pearl at both ends of the frame, and the portal will open!

(Or you can just watch the video and see there how to activate the portal)

Activated Divine Dimension Portal

Once you have fully activated the portal, you will be ready to jump in!

After jumping in it, you should wake up in a beautiful new place called The Divine Realm!

The Divine Realm: Screenshot 1

The Divine Realm: Screenshot 2

Here, you will have a brand new place to explore! First, you will be greeted by the Divine Foxes and Divine Axolotls, and maybe even see a few rare Divine Phantoms flying around. Don't worry, those are not hostile mobs towards you. Well,ย  the Divine Axolotls will become very aggressive if you punch them, so it's better to leave them alone. The Divine Phantoms, on the other hand, are your friends, they will gather items for you, much like the Allay, but faster.

Village and Villagers in the Divine Realm

You will also find a small village, this village is protected by the Divine Evoker. This is a redeemed Evoker who won't be hostile towards you unless you start attacking him or the villagers in his village.

In the middle of the island, you should find a big temple. There,ย  you can start a mini-boss fight against the Divine Blaze, Divine Zombies, and some Divine Shulkers. Your reward for winning is the Divine Sword, a sword that is much better than a Netherite Sword and will help you in the next boss fight. For clearing the entire temple, you will also get the Divine Armor and the rest of the Divine Tools.

New Craft Recipes

You can also craft the Tools and Armor using the Divine Ingot, but it's very expensive. I suggest not losing your free pair that you got in the temple after the small boss fight.

Divine Ingot Recipe

Recipe Example for the Divine Tools:

Divine Pickaxe Recipe

Recipe Example For the Divine Armor:

Divine Chestplate Recipe

The Divine Tools and Armor are better than Netherite, but the addon also adds another set of tools, The Divine Wooden Tools, which are supposed to be as good as diamond tools.

Recipe Example for the Divine Wooden Tools:

Divine Wooden Pickaxe Recipe

This addon also adds two new types of wood (you can craft the Divine Wooden Tools with both types of wood). You can also use this wood to make planks, sticks, and a crafting table, or just use it as decorations. On the island, you should also find a fully completed end portal and a nether portal, probably because the ancient builders that were living on the Divine Island had already visited both the end and the nether.


Changed the name from "Divine Realm" to "Divine Dimension" to avoid confusion.

Brand-new island for you to explore! With more enemies and treasures for you as well!

Night Divine Dimension

Also, now you can use the Divine Pearl as an Ender Pearl to travel between islands, but it has a cooldown of about 3 seconds.

Divine Dimension Islands

The new island is protected by the new Divine Spider, I wouldn't go there unprepared, and each treasure room is very heavily guarded. Good luck and have fun!

Divine Dimension Temple

Spiders and Zombies in Divine Dimension Temple

There are many hidden treasures on the new island, the diamond block marks the treasure room, but don't be too greedy because that might be your downfall. You will understand later! :) I suggest you stop at the 3rd treasure room inside the temple.


Brand new island, this one has more of a jungle theme.

Jungle Island

The 3rd island has a divine jungle temple that has lots of traps and secrets for you to explore.

Divine Jungle Temple

It also has a boss room, but the island itself is pretty well guarded by the divine spider.


I am happy to announce to everyone the (first?) crossover between The Stupidly OP Tools Addon and The Divine Dimension Addon! Playing with both addons on the same map will unlock a brand new portion of the game, The Corrupted Dimension!


Brand new villager island, this is the 4th island, and this one may or may not help you piece together the lore of the Divine Dimension.

Villager Island: Screenshot 1

This island is very relevant lore-wise, but it will also give you lots of good loot to help you in the other battles.

Villager Island: Screenshot 2

There is also another village society under the island's surface, this is where the less fortunate of the villagers live.

Villager Island: Screenshot 3

I can't wait for you to explore the new island and discover the secrets of the Divine Dimension. (And also, yes, The Corrupted Dimension is also lore relevant but as of right now, that is more like a bonus)


The newest update brings you a brand new island, one that is very different from all the other ones, and it is based on an end theme.

End Island: Screenshot 1

The higher up you go, the harder it is going to get.

End Island: Screenshot 2

But you will also find the brand new Divine Apple as you climb up. This apple is going to prove very useful in combat, as you can use it to help you climb higher or you can keep it for future use.

Divine Apple Recipe

This update also adds a brand new mob, the Divine Wither Skeleton. This is a very powerful but also extremely rare mob. You will have the highest chance of finding him on the newest island, but you may also find him in other places as well.


The newest update brings a brand new island.

Pillager Island: Screenshot 1

This island is themed around a pillager outpost.

Pillager Island: Screenshot 2

You will find many treasures and enemies to fight.

Pillager Island: Screenshot 3

There is also this small boss room, where you will find the best loot on this island, but you will have to search for it as it is well hidden. (Hint: search behind the lava)

Pillager Island: Screenshot 4

It also just so happens to be a great place for you to get a nice view :)


The newest update brings 2 new islands.

Divine Reactor Island: Screenshot 1

In the middle of the island you will find something that should look rather familiar if you have been playing Minecraft for years.

Divine Reactor Island: Screenshot 2

Yes, in the middle of the island, you will find the Divine Reactor, and I'm sure you can guess what's going to happen next.

Divine Reactor Island: Screenshot 3

This is the New Divine Spire. Here you will find many rooms filled with enemies. Clearing one room will allow you to climb higher, and you will find great loot at the very top of the Spire.

Now, for the second island in this update, you will find the same Divine Reactor, but this time it will do something else.

Divine Monument Island: Screenshot 1

This is the Divine Monument, it has some enemies and some loot at the very top. It also seems like a great place to start a house or a base in the Divine Dimension because of the great floor space, or just fill it with chests it's up to you.

Divine Monument Island: Screenshot 2

The Divine Spire will always be the first, and then the Divine Monument will always be the second, regardless of the island you are on, meaning that both the Divine Spire and the Divine Monument can be activated on either island depending on which Divine Reactor you activate first.

Divine Monument Island: Screenshot 3

This update also brings some small changes to the Divine Portal that should hopefully improve your experience. Please feel free to let me know if you prefer the new variant of the portal or if the old one was working better for you. The way you craft and build the portal is the same as before.


Updated to properly support the latest version of Minecraft.

Divine Ship

This update also includes a brand new Divine Ship with monsters and treasures. The location of the ship might change in a future update, so please feel free to provide feedback about the location.

I can't wait for you to explore the Divine Dimension on your own. I hope you will like it :)

Updated on April 22

  • New Divine Ship
  • Updated to support the latest Minecraft version
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements
  • Lots of other small stuff
Changelog for October 05 / Old Update
  • New 7th and 8th Islands
  • Huge new places to explore
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements
  • New treasures and boss rooms
  • Lots of other small stuff
Changelog for September 06 / Old Update
  • New 6th Island
  • Huge new place to explore
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements
  • New treasures and boss rooms
  • Lots of other small stuff
Changelog for August 24 / Old Update
  • New 5th Island
  • Huge new place to explore
  • Added the Divine Apple
  • Added the Divine Wither Skeleton
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements
  • New treasures and boss rooms
  • Lots of other small stuff
Changelog for August 10 / Old Update
  • New 4th Island
  • Huge new place to explore
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements
  • New treasures and boss rooms
  • Lots of other small stuff

I can't wait for you to explore the divine island on your own, I hope you will like it :-)

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