Monster Prom Oz x Zoe Addon

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Do you like Monster Prom? Now you can use this addon to add Oz and Zoe to your world!

Where to find?

  • You can find Oz and Zoe in the end

Oz and Zoe in the End


  • Health: 1000000000000000
  • Attack: 1000000000000000

Zoe Mob

  • Health: 100000000000000
  • Attack: 100000000000000

Oz Mob


You can use a crafting table to craft the items.

This food gives you all positive effects:

Fan and Geeky Food Recipe

This weapon can one-shot most mobs:

Weapon of the Entity and Deity Recipe

This armor makes you almost invincible:

Z_Gord and Fear_Humanoid Helmet Recipe

Z_Gord and Fear_Humanoid Chestplate Recipe

Z_Gord and Fear_Humanoid Leggings Recipe

Z_Gord and Fear_Humanoid Boots Recipe

Download links
Download OZ and ZOE Addon[mcaddon, 596.42 Kb]
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40