Builders Fantasy [V.6.2] Every Builders Dream! || FINAL

Thumbnail: Builders Fantasy [V.6.2] Every Builders Dream! || FINAL

Does Minecraft have too few options for building?

Well then fear not! This Addon adds new Decoration blocks!

And more will be added soon! The Fantasy/Dream of every Builder!

I hope you will enjoy it!

Let's begin with the small things!

Glow Wool!

Rather an simple thing that are crafted pretty easly with glow inc sacs.

White and Glow Wool

Glow Wool

Leaded Glass

Fun fact: A friend of mine wanted me to add this.

Leaded Glass Blocks

Driped Moss Block

I added this so the Mossy Sand stone makes sense!

Driped Moss Blocks

Netherrack/Red Netherrack/Endstone/Basalt/Purpur And Blackstone

The only reason I added this, is because it felt right.

Pretty basic too, also you now have to craft End bricks with the Polished End Stone!

And Smooth Netherrack, for that put the Polished Netherrack in a furnace instead of Netherrack.

Netherrack, Endstone, Basalt, Purpur and Blackstone Blocks

Mushroom Bricks

It May be good for Mushroom Island houses!

Mushroom Bricks

Wooden Lanterns

They come in all types of Wood! And they also have an Roof variant! They also have a soul Variant!

Wooden Lanterns Variants

Soul Wooden Lanterns

Bookshelfes and Wooden Lanterns

Soul Sand Stone and Gravel Stone

C'mon, why isn't this in the game!

Soul Sand Stone and Gravel Stone blocks


I was shocked to find out there was no Chiseled Prismarine in the game!

Prismarine Blocks

Tuff, Calcite and Dripstone Blocks, Granite, Diorite and Andesite Blocks

Again, why does only Stone/Deepslate have so many decoration blocks and not them!

We all were sad when they didn't add them, let's be real here!

Tuff, Calcite and Dripstone Blocks, Granite, Diorite and Andesite Blocks


Very basic, yet they are pretty nice.

Bookshelfes Variants

Quartz, Morion and Hematoid

Hematoid can only be crafted while Morion is found in the End!

Quartz, Morion and Hematoid Blocks

Morion Ore

Gold And Copper

I promised the Bars would come!
They also have a soul Variant!

Gold and Copper Blocks

And that is about it!
You can also use the Stonecutter to get some of the blocks:

Getting New Blocks via Stonecutter

I hope all the Builders that see this are happy!
Anyways, have a nice day :D

I found a Chart on Reddit, which shows most block variants!
And I decided to add the blocks from this addon to it!


Original Blocks

My version:

New blocks With an Addon

Showcase Video

And I also made a Video for the Addon!

Updated on October 08

  • Fixed a few very huge bugs
  • Changed the download links of the addon
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Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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