Magicraft Spictra V3 Update!!

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This addon is about fantasy and magic. Let start the description!! Make your Minecraft more challenging and magical.

With this addon you can try defeating boss, crafting many new Magical equipments. Have fun!


  • Creator: RavemonGaming

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  • MEGAMER Spictra
  • Ravemon Gaming


V3 Update

The Spinal Serpent

The Spinal Serpent

This mob spawns in the swamps, it's slow on the surface, it will shoot poison shots and chase targets, but underwater it's fast, it will bite it's target and run in the foggy water only to attack from somewhere else, its bite is poisonus and attacking it with a melee weapon will poison you!, it drops venom shards.

The Wraith

The Wraith

This mob spawns in deep overworld caves, it summons ghostfire skulls around it's target, which will deal magical area damage after a short time, they will drop ghostfire embers.

The Frost Charger

The Frost Charger

This mob will spawn in cold biomes, its horns are covered in shards of solid ice, when it charges, the ice spikes will deal great damage and slowness effect but will also break, thy can grow back if the charger is in a cold biome, they are tamable with any golden food, and they may drop their horns when killed.

The Locket

The Locket

This mob will spawn in deep overworld caves, it is tamable with glow berries and has 27 storage slots, its eyes are dyeable with any dye color, and it will also start shivering if the area is dark enough for monsters to spawn, but it is so scared of any monster it will run when seeing one.

The Lost Witcher

The Lost Witcher

This is a villager who learned the magic of evocation, enchanting and potion brewery, he is found rarely in caves, you can trade with him, he can give you 2 new powerful weapons (the Dark amulet and the blood sword), and other useful trades, but he will show any illagers or aggressive players his evocation abilities, and he'll drink potions to heal, if you kill him, you may get a powerful weapon.

The Nightmare

The Nightmare

This boss can be spawned by interacting with an altar in the end, it has ranged attack where it shoots powerful projectiles that deal area knockback, and a melee attack where it charges at targets will great speed, it drops its heart upon death.

I also updated the phantom:

Updated Phantom

Now they are faster and will fly lower, they will attack more often, and now they are made from pure darkness, meaning that they will wither away if exposed long enough to any good light source.

Now the weapons

The Frost Scythe

The Frost Scythe

This weapon will inflict slowness, it can do a sweep attack that heavily damages target in the users hit range and slow them down.

The Blood Sword

The Blood Sword

When holding this weapon, one can hear the laughs of the demon possessing it, when attacking non-undead mobs with it, the sword will steal their blood, and heal the user for 2 hearts, but when used, the sword will steal 2 hearts from the user to create a blood slash that dmages and weakens all targets in its path, it can be repaired with iron ingots.

Ghostfire Skulls

Ghostfire Skulls

These throwables will make a magical area damage upon impact, undead mobs will take less damage from it.

Echo Horn

Echo Horn

This horn can make supersonic waves that can go through entities and blocks, but is a mid ranged weapon.

Ancient Golden Horn

Ancient Golden Horn

This horn can play an attack tone that gives nearby players strength, or a defence tone that gives them resistance but for double the durability.

The Ancient Golden Armor Set

This set has the defence of diamonds and has half the knockback resistance of netherite, and will protect you from piglins and behemoths, if you have the full set on, you will have an extra 2 hearts!

Thee are all the items currently in the addon divided in classes

STAFF CLASS WEAPON : these are ranged weapons that like bows require ammo(but not in creative) and can only be enchanted with unbreaking and mending:


Fire Staff

Fire Staff item

  • Requires glowstone dust as an ammo but has a 50% chance of not using it (like infinity enchantment) and shoots fire projectiles that burst upon impact dealing fire damage to its surroundings in edition to the projectile damage


Shulker Staff

Shulker Staff item

  • Requires chorus fruits and inflicts the levitation effect to targets


Amethyst Staff

Amethyst Staff item

  • Requires amethyst shards and shoots 3 projectiles at once at the price of 1 amethyst shard and it will strike the melee attacked mobs if they were under the rain.

DAGGERS : Weaker and smaller swords that deal effect damage when attacking and have the enchantments of a sword :


Soul Dagger

  • Inflicts the slowness effect when attacking, but when used it will inflict the wither effect and give the player the regeneration effect (like life stealing) as long as the dagger is in cool down.


Venom Dagger

  • inflicts the poison effect, but when used it will inflict the fatal poison effect as long as the dagger is in cool down.



Totem of Shielding

  • Give you fire resistance and normal resistance and crates a shock wave to damage nearby mobs and can be used 3 times.


Totem of Adaptation

  • It gives you effects depending on your current situation:
    • Gives you fire resistance if you were on fire and loses 2 durability
    • Gives you water breathing if you were under water for 2 durability
    • Gives you slow falling if you were in mid_air
    • And gives you night vision if you were at night for 1 durability
    • It may give you multiple effects if you were in multiple situations at once !, but be careful, it only has 25 durability


Piglin Totem

  • It is used to prevent piglins, piglin brutes and behemoths from targeting you and it can be held off_hand.



Soul Amulet

  • When used it will give all players in a 3 block radios the regeneration and the absorption effect, but it can only be used 3 times before being emptied, but it can be refilled by crafting



  • A weapon that is throwable
  • But as soon as it hits something, it will return to its owner no matter where they were, and will also bring any items it will come across back to you!!, but it has a 10% chance of poping when it returns



  • Just the same elytra but now retextured and craftable


Ancient Gold Waraxe

  • This axe will drop XP from mobs when attacking and if you want more power, use this axe while sneaking to give all players within a 3 block radios the strength effect


Black Hole Bomb

  • This bomb can be thrown, and afterward sit will crack open releasing a black hole that sucks every close mob and explodes after some time leaving only chaos behind


Ancient Golden Carrot

  • Fills 8 points from the hunger bar and gives you haste and night vision


Warped Pearl

  • It can be used like any ender pearl, but it has no waight (it will travel in a straight line) and has no chance of spawning an endermite


Withered Bone

  • This bone will drop from wither skeletons and can be used to make the potion of wither.

WANDS : Unenchantable, but very powerfull, they require no ammo but have low duraation


Evocation Wand

  • When used it will summon a circle of evocation fangs and give the player the regeneration and bad omen effects and take 1 durability, and when attacking with it, it will summon a vex to kill the attacked mob and take 3 durability and effects the user with bad omen
  • It has 60 durability

A hint: items made from netherite are fire immune while items made from dragon scales can flow in mid air as dropped items





  • There is a 2% chance of a normal blaze to become an inferno, this mob has 100 health, it is a mini boss so it's hard to fight and the loot is worth it
  • It has 2 attacks, ranged: it will block while charging and unblock when shooting, so be fast and careful, and a melee: it will use it's shields to slam all close mobs (maybe use this to your advantage), if attacked it may charge for a shock wave, be careful of it, it will hurt so bad
  • It will drop blaze rods and 1 fire stone (guaranteed)


Behemoth mob

  • The ravager version but for piglins
  • It has almost the same behavior as a ravager, but it cannot get stunned and has larger range
  • It will spawn with a piglin brute as a rider and some piglins in the crimson forest and the nether wasteland
  • It will drop a saddle and some ancient gold scraps


Revenant mob

  • Not a boss at all, but is feared as a boss !!, it has 60 health and is an undead and won't take wither damage, it will spawn only in the soul sand valley, when it spots it's target
  • It will fire 3 soul fireballs that cause slowness from it's fire in it's ribcage
  • It will then run fastly and bite its target, when attacked, it may unleash a powerful roar from the 2 skeleton horse skulls on it's holders, causing great damage
  • It will drop bones and soul powder


Crusher mob

  • This mob will spawn in groups in the basalt deltas, it has 10 health
  • It attacks by closing its spiked shell and rolling toward its target like a meteor, it will block all attacks when its shell is closed
  • It will drop fragments of its metal shell, mostly iron shells, but in rare cases netherite shells!!!!, which can be smelted only in a blast furnace


Warped Bettle

  • This mob replaces the endermen in the warped forest, it won't attack except when attacked
  • It has 20 health, it will inflict poison, but is also a great look with its glowing abdomen
  • It will drop glowstone dust and ender pearls, but sometimes it will drop a warped pearl instead of the ender pearls.



  • This mob is also one that won't attack except when provoked
  • It can be tamed and healed with nether wart, it will fly and shoot fireballs at it's target, but it will take damage in water or rain so be careful
  • It drops blaze powder


Still more to come


Ender Moth

  • This mob will spawn in the end (not currently), it has 60 hp, and is mob that won't attack except when provoked
  • You can feed her chorus fruits and she may give you an egg in return
  • You can also make her fill glass bottles with poison by interacting, but when attacked, she will shoot eggs that not only do a lingering poison effect, but also will hach endermites to attack for their mother
  • She drops endermoth shells

The Ender Dragon will now drop it's scales upon death.

More ender mobs and items will come soon.



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