Strat's Paint Add-on (v1.8)

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Make your builds look more colourful, design and build your own house with plenty more creativity with these decorative unique blocks! This add-on was made to add a wider variation of blocks to use in survival or creative and give you a plethora of colours your builds deserve!

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Strat's Paint! This add-on adds all 16 different colours to the Bricks, Planks, Stone Bricks, Bookshelves and more!

Terms of Use

  • Please do not distribute this add-on without using my mcpedl/modbay link.
  • Please do not steal any textures in this add-on and add into your own project.
  • You can use this code to learn for your own add-ons.
  • If you would like to use this add-on in videos, please credit me and add the download link from mcpedl/modbay.

Experimental Features

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strats_paint_v1_8.mcaddon[mcaddon, 944.59 Kb][zip, 944.59 Kb]
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