Auto Totem V3.1 - One Click, Stack Totems, More Totems Update! ๐Ÿฟ๏ธ || Supports 1.20.50+

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The totem is an extremely useful item in the game, when held in the hand, if the user dies, it will automatically replace the player's life with it, but this forces the user to hold it in his hand. But with this addon it is different...

This addon offers an incredible twist - you don't need to hold a totem in your hands anymore! Just hold the totem in your pocket, when your life is threatened, it will automatically be summoned to protect you from death!


Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay

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New Update:

+Stack Totem:

You can stack totem ;)

+Void Damage Update:

If you get void damage, totem won't work.

+Eating totem:

You can eat totem to get effect ๐Ÿ—ฟ

V3 Update:

More Totems

Addon adds 6 totem into your game!

Nether star totem of undying:

  • regeneration II 120s
  • speed II 35s
  • strength III 35s
  • instant health V 1s
  • absorption III 67s
  • slow falling I 35s
  • fire resistance I 120s

Netherite totem of undying:

  • regeneration II 111s
  • speed II 27s
  • strength III 27s
  • instant health IV 1s
  • absorption III 56s
  • slow falling I 27s
  • fire resistance I 111s

Diamond totem of undying:

  • regeneration II 100s
  • speed II 24s
  • strength II 24s
  • instant health III 1s
  • absorption III 35s
  • fire resistance I 100s

Golden totem of undying

  • regeneration I 85s
  • speed II 15s absorption II 12s
  • fire resistance I 69s

Iron totem of undying:

  • regeneration I 67s
  • speed II 7s
  • absorption II 18s
  • fire resistance I 46s

Stone totem of undying

  • regeneration I 50s
  • absorption I 12s
  • fire resistance I 42s


Addon will prioritize quality totems for example, if you have 1 diamond totem and one stone totem in your bag, the addon will prioritize using diamond totem

Priority list:

  • Normal totem (lowest)
  • Stone totem Iron totem
  • Golden totem
  • Diamond totem
  • Netherite totem
  • Nether star totem (Highest)

One Click:

You just need to hold down on the totem and it will automatically be used :)

Updated on March 12

  • Supports Minecraft 1.20.51+
Changelog for February 05 / Old Update
  • Added ore totems, Priority mode, One click
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