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Have you ever wanted more blocks to build with? Have you felt that Minecraft doesn't provide enough blocks to build with? Well, this addon adds new blocks to expand on vanilla Minecraft! These blocks are designed for building but also come with survival compatibility, making survival and creative building so much more fun! Along with this, Hibiscus Xtras adds in new textures that help tie together the game and work with builds better!! :D


  • Creator: Team Hibiscus (Rewby23 and Goofy9506)

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Goofy permission

New Updates!

Hi! My name is Rewby23 and I am working with Goofy to get this addon and Nature's Spirit up to speed with the latest versions of Minecraft. Eko is no longer working on the Bedrock version of these addons. He is, however, working on a variety of Java mods! Join the Discord (https://discord.gg/T6X8KGyt5C) to check out both the Bedrock addons and Java mods being worked on. :>

A few things have been worked on since this addon was last updated, but overall not much has changed.

Stone Parity

Each stone now includes parity with each other, introducing various pillars, tiles, bricks, and polished variants.

Stone Parity



Torch-like blocks with a more medieval vibe!

Sconces blocks

Candle Sconces

Candles with a few more medieval elements!

Paper Lanterns

Lanterns based around East Asian Cultures.

Paper Lanterns

Large Lanterns

Large Lanterns

Larger Lanterns!

Larger Lanterns

New Lighting Variants

Crimson, Warped, Copper, Amethyst, Chorus, and Phantom Flames

New Lighting Variants

Wooden Blocks

Wooden Boards

Like vertical planks, they rotate!

Wooden Boards


Like trapdoors but they open like shutters :3


Colored Blocks


New Windows

Windows based on different cultural patterns across the world.

Colored Windows Blocks

Terracotta Shingles

New Terracotta Shingles

Great for roofs, the terracotta shingles come in 17 different colors!

New Terracotta Shingles

Kaolin Blocks

New Kaolin Blocks

New blocks with many more washed out and muted colors, great for all sorts of builds!


New Kaolin Blocks

New blocks in the addon



New Dirt Blocks

These new dirt blocks are great for paths, and can really level up your terrain!

New Dirt Blocks

Basalt Slabs!

Experimental Features

Experimental Features are features which are yet to be polished enough for proper implementation. They are here for trial and feedback for creative users which can obtain them using commands.

Straw Slabs and Stairs

Can be found in the creative menu in the stairs and slabs sections.

Straw Slabs and Stairs

Fog Blocks

Can be attained through commands. Comes in all colors!

MUST BE REMOVED THROUGH COMMANDS. You CANNOT break these blocks by hand, regardless of if you're in creative or not.

Fog Blocks

Example Build

Example Build with a new blocks


  • This Addon NEEDS Holiday Creator Features and Experimental Molang ENABLED to work!
  • There may be many bugs still in this addon, they will be addressed going forward!
  • These are Eko's textures, DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THEM

Feel free to use the code though; no credit needed :P

Please properly link this page if used in a map or video!

Please report any bugs in the comments or on this discord server (server).

If you have any questions feel free to ask Rewby23 or Goofy9506 on Discord, or join the discord server! ^^

Download links
Hibiscus Xtras .mcaddon Mediafire Link
Hibiscus Xtras .zip Mediafire Link
Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.0 1.18.30 1.18.10 1.18.0