Who will be the winner? Let's find the answer in this addon! But before that, let's talk about Herobrine and Entity 303 history...

Herobrine History

Herobrine is a rumored Hostile Mob found in Minecraft. He is the center of endless speculation and Creepypasta, producing explanations of his origins such as a ghost, Notch's dead brother, revenge carried out by a fired Mojang employee, and a slew of others.

Entity 303 History

It is unknown why Notch fired him but it was probably for hacking. After he was fired, he learned that his brother had been drowned in a swimming competition. As a result, he lost it and started to create his own hacking group where he planned to destroy Minecraft by the end of 2015. Follow his journey through being fired, hacking, and becoming a sociopath. "MAKE A WISH"


  1. This addon doesn't contain any of vanilla.json
  2. This addon is minecraft-friendly, which mean you can only beat Herobrine and Entity 303 with your friends, pets and strategy. Don't fight him alone.
  3. Enable these Experimental Options:

Required Experimental Options



Herobrine Picture 1

Herobrine Picture 2

Herobrine Picture 3

Herobrine Picture 4

Herobrine Picture 5

Herobrine Picture 6

Herobrine Picture 7

Herobrine Picture 8

Herobrine Picture 9

Herobrine Stats


  1. HP 1200 (herobrine)
  2. HP 300 (herobrine clone)
  3. HP ??? (materialization weapon)
  4. HP ??? (herobrine creatures mobs)

Herobrine Clone Info:

  1. Herobrine clone is not like other clones, herobrine clone is strong enough like his original self, he also smart, and can execute several skills like his original self.



Entity 303 Picture 1

Entity 303 Picture 2

Entity 303 Picture 3

Entity 303 Picture 4

Entity 303 Picture 5

Entity 303 Picture 6


The chat spams with “FILE OVERLOAD” in red text, along with “MAKE A WISH” in gray text. I suddenly get poisoned with a potion of blindness. I then lose my ability to move. I can’t even turn off my computer or exit out of Minecraft.

This skill is replaced with a friendly hack that doesn't make your screen freeze, error, over heated, and you can still turn off your computer if you want. he will only bind your and absorb your blood with his hacking skill sometimes. and he will put some hack things to your players char permanently! but you can remove it with /commands! ask more detail about how to remove ENTITY 303 HACKS to me on youtube or discord!

Entity 303 Stats


  1. HP 666 (phase1)
  2. HP 600 (phase2)


This addon contains so much information, i don't want you to keep scrolling just to download this addon. so I only provide important information. if you want more detailed and in-depth info. please watch the video below.

Addon Info

  1. Complex AI behavior for combat and skills
  2. Various attacks
  3. Various skills
  4. Unique skills
  5. Added more animations
  6. Minecraft-friendly
  7. Coded by Alan (editing code is not allowed)
  8. You should credit me with my link if you use this addon, don't use your own link
  9. If you use this addon for YouTube, simply just type 'addon by @cloudlightning'
  10. I don't want to make this myth addon alone, if you want to help… DM me on discord! And let's start our myth journey together!

Updated on September 02


  1. Added pics
  2. Added stats
  3. Remade the herobrine
  4. Deleted long herobrine, herobrine lv100, steve clone
  5. Added more animation for herobrine
  6. Upgraded animation as well
  7. Added 10k+ lines of code for the addon
  8. Upgraded AI behavior
  9. Nerfed the atk speed of herobrine
  10. Added telekinesis 'binding' skill for herobrine
  11. Added many new abilities and skills
  12. Added death animation


  1. Added pics
  2. Added stats info


  1. Added new videos
  2. Updated the information
  3. Total lines of code is 100k+
  4. VIP version is not ready yet
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Entity 303 BP
Entity 303 RP
Herobrine BP
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1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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