One Pixeled - The Ultimate FPS Booster Texture Pack! v1.6

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Want to increase your FPS? Or just want a smooth and simple look? Then this is the Texture Pack for you! It has a resolution of 1x1 for the majority of blocks while blocks like crafting table, flowers, etc. have a resolution of 8x8 to keep the game still playable and a bit fancy! It can increase up to 15-20 FPS!

Don't believe it? Try it!


Creator: Fused Bolt

Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay

How will it work?

Vanilla minecraft has a resolution of 16x16, meaning there's a total of 256 pixels in each block.

But THIS texture pack has a resolution of 1x1, meaning there is only 1 pixel in the texture of blocks instead of 256!

So if your GPU/Video Memory usage is high with vanilla minecraft textures, then THIS texture pack will reduce the load on the GPU/Video Memory, which will ultimately result in an increase in performance!

To keep the game playable and the visuals not too bad, the textures of some specific generated blocks have a resolution of 8x8. Like crafting tables, grasses, flowers, ores, etc.

When will it not work?

  • If the lag is caused by the CPU or the RAM, then changing the resolution of textures won't make any change! THIS pack only lowers the GPU/Video Memory usage.
  • This will also NOT FIX LAG CAUSED BY PING/WI-FI! (Players teleporting, blocks not breaking, not being able to hit because these are caused by network lag).
  • On some devices (mainly PC) the FPS are capped at 60. No matter what you do, they will never go above that.

Some Screenshots:

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  • For now, I have only focused on the blocks under NATURE category and in maps of skywars in The Hive. A lot of texture of blocks have not been changed yet, but they will be changed in future updates.
  • It might not increase FPS on devices in which the lag is not caused by GPU/video memory!
  • It is recommended to use this pack with Fancy Leaves/Fancy Graphics DISABLED.

Terms of use:

  • If you want to use this in a YouTube video, then share link to this page, not the direct download link or any custom link.
  • You are not allowed to publish it on ANY other website without permission.
  • You are not allowed to use ANY textures except for personal use.

If you do not follow those terms, I WILL find you and sue you.

Please report any bugs, give suggestions or contact me on my Youtube or Discord: fusedbolt

Download links
ONE PIXELED v1.6.mcpack
MCPEDL: One Pixeled - The Ultimate FPS Booster Texture Pack!
Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.0 1.18.0
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