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Have you ever forgotten which enchantments you can put on what gear? Well, let's take the guessing games out! Have your enchantments color-coded and iconified!

Inspired by ICantThinkOfAUsername's Java Pack, this will help you easily identify what goes on where, in full color!

Here's a screenshot of how an item looks with this pack.

Netherite Boots Enchantments Info

Each type of enchantment not only has an icon but is also color coded for your convenience swords are Dark Purple, tridents Light Purple, armor Aqua, tools and fishing rod are Dark Aqua, general enchantments are Green, ranged weapons are Gold and curses are Dark Red!ย 

Enchantment Colors

This one also comes in many languages! If there are errors in any of them, please do tell me! I will gladly update it!

Available Languages

Updated on November 17

EX3 [1.0.3] Change Log:

  • Added fr_FR language
  • Added Swift Sneak info
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Download Enchantment Info: Extended [RP v1.0.2][mcpack, 101.82 Kb]
Download Enchantment Info: Extended [RP v1.0.3] *Latest*[mcpack, 104.51 Kb]
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