Stella Graphics Reimagined [ Support Renderdragon Engine ]

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Enhance your gameplay with a unique aesthetic, dreamy marvelous sky consisting of silky smooth 3D clouds, a charming purple-ish filter, and misty volumetric fog that add depth to your gameplay.

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This is a reimagined version of Stellar Graphics, The original version of Stellar Graphics is created by 2 talented authors, sparkskye and Smashzorrito. This pack remains the 3D clouds but alters other aspects, building a unique aesthetic and style.

Stella Graphics Reimagined: Comparison 1

Stella Graphics Reimagined: Comparison 2

Stella Graphics Reimagined: Comparison 3

Main Changes:

  • High compatibility with various packs
  • Friendly for survival and PVP users
  • Purple aesthetic filter on overworld
  • 3D blocky clouds cubemap texture
  • Systematic biome water transparency and color
  • Bright and vibrant foliage color
  • Volumetric fog

Stella Graphics Reimagined: Screenshot 1

Stella Graphics Reimagined: Screenshot 2

Stella Graphics Reimagined: Screenshot 3

Stella Graphics Reimagined: Screenshot 4

Strongly recommend users to arrange this pack at the top of the active pack list while using and disable render clouds for better performance.


Lastly, you must agree to the following terms before you download this resource pack.

1. You shall not re-upload this resource pack file to any platforms, websites, applications, or social media, and that includes Minecraft China ver.

2. If you are a content creator, you are allowed to review and use this resource pack, but if you want to review this resource pack, please mention the link of this resource pack without changing the URL.

3. A proper credit is appreciated if you want to use assets from this pack. Refer to the credits for better accuracy, and it's always best to mention the link and ask for permissions.

After installing the pack, it means you totally agree with the terms above.

Thank you, and have fun using this resource pack.

Download links
Download Stella Graphics Reimagined[mcpack, 2.24 Mb]
Download Stella Graphics Reimagined[zip, 2.24 Mb]
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Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0 1.18.31 1.18.30 1.18.12 1.18.10 1.18.2 1.18.1 1.18.0 1.17.41 1.17.40 1.17.34 1.17.32 1.17.30 1.17.11 1.17.10 1.17.2 1.17.0 1.16
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  2. B00G13eatgrass X Sparkskye?!!! Two goats collabing no wayyyyy