The Doggos v1.5 - 40+ Unique Wolf Textures! 1.16 - 1.20+

Thumbnail: The Doggos v1.5 - 40+ Unique Wolf Textures! 1.16 - 1.20+

Wolves in Minecraft are kind of boring because they only have one texture; however, with this pack, you can have new wolves โ€” I mean, new dog breed textures! There are 41 tamed dog textures (33 dog types) that can be obtained by using a specific nametag on your tamed dog! This pack is a bedrock port for PixalThePixeled's Java Edition Texture Pack "The Doggos." More dog breeds will be added soon.



Next on the list will be a nametag for a dog breed and its appearance in Minecraft.

Put a name tag on an anvil. Rename it like this: "Dobermann." Make sure the first letter of the name is uppercase, be aware of the spaces, and remove the quotes (""). Use the name tag on a tamed dog and finish!

The Doggos

List of Dog Names 1

List of Dog Names 2

List of Dog Names 3

List of Dog Names 4

List of Dog Names 5

List of Dog Names 6

Version 1.5 is now Available!

Newly Added Doggos:

Newly Added Doggos in Version 1.5

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Updated on September 08

  • ADDED 4 New Doggos: Chester, Dachshund, Temmie, and Fennec
  • Updated Pack Icon and Cover
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1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0 1.16
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  1. Would love to see a Black and/or Chocolate Labrador (hopefully just a recolor of the existing labrador) and a dachsund. This is awesome.