Mobs Reimagined

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This pack slightly modifies the appearance of vanilla cows and mushroom cows, chickens, pigs and sheeps, adding some 3D details to their models, such as nose, ears, and tails.


NOTE (from Parzival_)

Full credit goes to Reijvi, the rightful owner of the Java Edition of this pack.

Permission from Java pack owner.


  • New Cow and Moshroom Cows models
  • New Pig Model +3 Muddy Variants
  • New Chicken and Baby Chicken Model
  • New Sheep Model

Three new cow models. New pig models.

New chicken and baby chicken models.

New sheep model.

Version 1.0

New cow models have been added. The mushrooms on top of the mooshroom mobs are still there but not included in the photo because they weren't shown in the blockbench model!

Brown Moshroom:

New brown moshroom cow model.Moshroom:

New moshroom cow model. Cow:

New cow model.

Download links
Download v1.1 Here (Latest Version)
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Download v1.0 Here
Supported versions
1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0