Custom Shields

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The resource pack introduces 10 new shields (textures) in Minecraft, which can be changed through subpacks.

The shield texture will be visible to you and your friends too if they have also enabled the resource pack. Other than that, if you enable the resource pack in "Global Resource Packs", then you can use it on servers. But only you would be able to see the new textures.

Though the shield textures are high quality and look amazing, the texture pack still has a size of around 20 kb. So it would never cause any lag.

If you would like to contribute a shield texture, then please join the server and connect with me.

Please don't repost the texture pack anywhere without my permission.

Please give the original ModBay link only if you're making videos on it.

Discord username: grumm7613


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Download links
Custom Shields mcpe bedrock[mcpack, 28.47 Kb]
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