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The texture pack changes the texture of blocks; the top texture of the block will be applied to the four sides of the block, making it a full grass texture block. This resource pack doesn't just stop at grass. It's been meticulously crafted to breathe new life into dirt podzol, mycelium, grass paths, and more. Each block's side textures have been meticulously designed to deliver an authentic and visually appealing look.

v2.0 (new)

The texture pack now contains 2 textures, which can be switched in subpacks settings.

All Sides: Every side, including the bottom one, has the same texture.

Full Grass - All Sides: Screenshot

5 Sides: All sides except the bottom one have the same grass texture.

Full Grass - 5 Sides: Screenshot

I hope you liked the texture pack :)


Full Grass: Screenshot 1

Full Grass: Screenshot 2

Updated on June 06

  • Added a new full grass texture that even makes the bottom of the grass block similar to the rest of the other sides.
  • You can switch to the previous texture in the subpack settings.
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Full Grass v2.0 .mcpack (246.36 KB)
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