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"Colormap Reimagined" is a pack made by Reijvi for Java Edition and ported by me to Bedrock Edition.

Have you ever thought that the current colormap for Minecraft is a bit too vibrant? Haven't been able to find one that tones the colors down a tad bit and nothing else? Do you especially hate the current cold look for all taigas? When a lot of spruce forests are actually filled with moss and mushrooms and are one of the more "moist" forests irl? Well, worry not! Even if you never cared for it, cause I did! I present to you a new colormap that stays true to Minecraft's colors but tweaks them a little to be softer and easier on the eyes. It also blends more into the terrain and actually makes a cold taiga and a normal taiga look different cause they are different.

Side-by-Side Comparison:

Spruce Biome


Spruce Biome - Before: Screenshot 1

Spruce Biome - Before: Screenshot 2


Spruce Biome - After: Screenshot 1

Spruce Biome - After: Screenshot 2

Oak Forest


Oak Forest - Before: Screenshot


Oak Forest - After: Screenshot

Dark Oak Forest


Dark Oak Forest - Before: Screenshot


Dark Oak Forest - After: Screenshot

Snow Biome


Snow Biome - Before: Screenshot


Snow Biome - After: Screenshot

Plains Biome


Plains Biome - Before: Screenshot


Plains Biome - After: Screenshot

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