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Good evening, folks. As you see, I thought blazes could use an upgrade, and well, here one is, and it adds over 15 new varieties, mostly dependent on biomes, but even biomes have their own few variations. They now have spikey rods and crystals on the top of their heads, and they now drop "blaze crystals" that can be made into "Blaze shards," which can be used for potions. How can a crystal shard be made into a potion? Good question.

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And now, one of the best parts of this pack, it supports custom sounds, which adds 6 additional sounds to blazes, plus remaking the stock ones. This pack is originally made by DERPWARE for Java Edition and ported by me to Bedrock Edition.

In-Game Screenshots:

Blaze Crystal: Screenshot

Crimson Blazes: Screenshot

Warped Blazes: Screenshot

Ash Blazes: Screenshot

Soul Blazes: Screenshot

Wastes Blazes: Screenshot

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