Newb X Ale Shader v1.2 | Support RenderDragon (Compatible With 1.21+ Apk Patch)

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The Newb X Ale shader is a new variant customized by me of the newb shader created by VeteranDev. This shader is based on the Ultra Realism Shader, and the best of all is that it can be run on low-end devices. Take a look, and I promise you that you will not regret it.

Official Release:

Check out the official trailer to learn more about this shader. Also by watching this video you are helping me.


3 different versions depending on the characteristics of your device, whether low, medium or ultra. By default, all versions have these characteristics:

  • End Purple.
  • Shiny blocks
  • Colorful vanilla skies.
  • Clouds 3D.
  • Realistic water.
  • Warm lighting.
  • Java-like lighting.
  • Beautiful sunrises, sunsets and night sky.
  • Blue Aurora Borealis.
  • Movement in plants.
  • Night shooting stars.
  • Realistic shadows.
  • Wet effect when it rains.
  • Acoustics, sun rays and movement under water.
  • Sun rays.
  • Bright minerals.

Newb X Ale Medium Default:

  • Sunset:

Sunset: Screenshot

  • Sunrise:

Sunrise: Screenshot

  • Day:

Day: Screenshot

  • Underwater:

Underwater: Screenshot

  • Night:

Night: Screenshot

  • Lighting similar to Java:

Lighting similar to Java: Screenshot

  • Nether:

Nether: Screenshot

  • End:

End: Screenshot

Features of the Ultra Version:

  • Double layer of cloud.
  • Flash effect in lighting.
  • New chunk loading animation
  • Movement in plants, crops and flowers is a little more intense than in its other versions.
  • More realistic water with more intense waves and a transparent tone.
  • The sky reflects a little on the ground

Ultra Version:‎

Ultra Version:‎ Screenshot

Features of the Low Version:

  • Default clouds to maintain performance.
  • Slow and calm plant movement.
  • Default water without ripple.
  • It has most of the features of the medium version since it does not consume much performance.

Low Version:

Low Version: Screenshot


  • I recommend downloading all 3 versions and using the one you like the most.
  • Patched Minecraft apk 1.21 or 1.20.80 - 1.20.81 is needed to support RenderDragon shaders.
  • Please avoid comments like "It doesn't work", because if it is functional and has been tested on several devices, you must follow the steps correctly to avoid errors.
  • Currently, it is only available for Android; for the next update, it will be available for iOS and Windows.
  • Use this ModBay link if you want to share this shader.
  • Please do not create another link for this shader.
  • This shader may not be supported on some devices; if so, tell me about the error on my Discord.
  • As I mentioned in the description, this is a custom variant based on the Newb shader codes.
  • Newb Shader Repository


Download links
Newb X Ale Ultra - Android v1.21
Newb X Ale Medium - Android v1.21
Newb X Ale Low - Android v1.21
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80
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