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This pack aims to enhance the little details or visual attributes of (for now only) entities. Such as closing the eyes of villagers when they sleep, indicators when a horse is tamed or indicators when goats start to ram.

This pack currently includes the following:

  • Added a hint to the OneBlockAtATime's snapshot, featuring a particular dog texture when renamed to any of the following: 'MARS', 'Mars', 'mars' - https://twitter.com/CagilMartin1/status/1561362367237484545
  • Added a texture for sleeping villagers
  • Added a texture for when animals are being fed (Currently includes the cow, pig, sheep and chicken)
  • Added a goat ramming indicator (I couldn't get a picture of this because it's so unpredictable)
  • Added a texture for screaming Goats
  • Added a special texture for the Pillager captain
  • Added texture variations to Allays
  • Added texture variations to donkeys depending on size
  • Added size variations for donkeys (very small difference)
  • Added an indicator (the horse bit) for when a Horse or Donkey is tamed
  • Added a texture for when an enchanted trident (only when held) interacts with water (that includes rain and water)
  • Added 2 extra textures for zombies. (when they're shivering inside powdered snow and when drowning)
  • Added a texture for Axolotls so they close their eyes when playing dead
  • Changed the texture of allays to have an emotionless face until given an item
  • Changed the particle interactions and texture of splash potions and lingering potions to seem like they have a liquid in them (lingering potions still have the general potion texture, the changed texture only shows shortly when thrown)
  • Changed the drowned model to match Java Edition
  • Changed the scale of vexes slightly, so they seem like they're easier to hit
  • Changed the texture of the vex to be transparent because they can go through walls


Sleeping villager

Multicolored Allays are flying and looking at the player.

Colorful Allays are flying around the house.

A cow with hearts in eyes

Drowned model like on Java Edition

Size variations for Donkeys

Horse and Donkey

Pillager Captain

Enchanted Trident

Potion with new particles

The next update will include more size variations, more textures when fed and more...

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  1. NSPG 911 profile avatar NSPG 911
    Hey there! So I am somewhat a helper for the creation of Clear Vanilla (Default). I feel that Visual Attributes would fit well with Clear Vanilla as it hopes to make vanilla Minecraft as easy to understand as possible. Visual Attributes would suit this pack. So with your permission, I can start the merge. So will you give permission?