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Have you ever wanted to have the High Contrast Theme from Java Edition to be on Bedrock? I had to, so I researched online for a pack to port that includes more textures as part of the UI so that it made sense actually to port the resource pack. That was when I found Simplexity Development's High Contrast Extended Resource Pack on Modrinth.

Here is a video showcase of it!

This pack cannot change the textures used in the Achievement Screen or Create New World Screen, as it uses a separate, hard-coded texture pack that is impossible to change. It is also not data-driven, which prevents custom texture packs from working.

Owner's Permission:

Permission from Rhythmic

Note: Copyright doesn't apply to Bedrock Ports as we put effort into making sure that the larger community, Bedrock Edition, gets to have access to the limitless Mods and Packs available on the Java Side of Minecraft.

Please try out this pack and leave honest feedback in the comments. I greatly appreciate your feedback! More UI retextures will be coming soon, along with some Icon Tweaks!


Theming for UI Packs:

  • The Tyel UI - Themed with Tyel Theme โœ…
  • VDX UI - Partial Theming (Only Inventory Screens supported) ๐ŸŸก
  • Better Bedrock Client - Not yet โŒ
  • Modules+ - Fully themed except for Icons (won't fix as Modules+ is broken) โœ…
  • Utility UI - Not yet โŒ
  • Arcdustry UI - Some icons are left ๐Ÿ”ฐ

Updated on March 18

Release v0.3.0!


  • Updated some textures, but I am not sure what I did...
v0.2.0 / December 13 / Old Update


  • Icons have been HC-ed so it is either fully Cyan/Teal or have a bit of colour variation
  • Assets have been updated to match the Java version so those using VDX UI will have the intended experience
  • Is now supported with Teal-themed Buttons
  • Checkboxes, Dropdowns, Popup Messages, and New Emote Wheel are now supported
Download links
Download through GitHub
Download for Java Edition
GitHub Repository (Bedrock)
Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60
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