Default Touch Up

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The Default Touch Up is a texture pack to make more improvements to Minecraft vanilla mobs. The main feature in this resource pack is fully functional eyes and some improvements for some animations. It also has another version that has more texture to make more variety to many mobs.


Permission for ModBay:

Default Touch Up permission for ModBay

Screenshots with RTX

Default Touch Up pack with RTX (screenshot 1)

Default Touch Up pack with RTX (screenshot 2)

Sheep and Pig with RTX

Illagers with RTX

Cave Spiders with RTX

Cave Spider with RTX

Wolf and cat with RTX

Iron golem with RTX

Plus version

This version includes more models and textures.

New Panda model and texture

New Cow texture

Chickens farms


New Hoglin

New Zombies

New Piglins

New Skeletons

Screenshots without RTX

Wandering Trader looks at the player

New models for vanilla animals

Raid captain Eyes

New Zombie texture and model

New chickens texture and model


  • Added working eyes for several mobs
  • Changed walk and look animations for most mobs
  • Added new sit animation when using a fishing rod
  • Added new climb animation for spider
  • Added some models improvements to animals
  • Added new player swimming animation (bug in creative mode)
  • Added more variety texture to some mobs (Plus version only)
  • etc

Updated on May 03

  • Iron golem now no longer invisible
  • Fixed colored wolf and sheep head when using ray tracing
  • Wolf now no longer invisible when tamed using ray tracing
  • Wolf now supports custom texture
  • Sheep now supports custom texture
  • Cow now supports custom texture
  • Pig now supports custom texture
Old changelog for October 3 update
  • Villager now support custom texture
  • Wandering Villager now support custom texture
  • Evoker now support custom texture
  • Vindicator now support custom texture
  • Pillager now support custom texture
Download links
Default Touch Up (with custom models)
Default Touch Up Plus (with custom textures and models)
Default Touch Up Minus (without custom textures and models)
Supported versions
1.19.70 1.19.0 1.18.30 1.18.10
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