Minecraft Earth Cows

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Minecraft Earth Cows texture pack contains 15 cow textures (default cow included) and also three new extra textures. The twelve textures in this pack will be a part of randomized spawning, and the six other textures are only obtainable using a nametag. Some of them have emissive (glow in the dark) textures too.


Randomized Cows

Textures are randomized, but you can keep their textures using nametags:

  • 'Cow' or 'Default Cow'
  • 'Albino' or 'Albino Cow'
  • 'Ashen' or 'Ashen Cow'
  • 'Cookie' or 'Cookie Cow'
  • 'Cream' or 'Cream Cow'
  • 'Dairy' or 'Dairy Cow'
  • 'Moobloom'
  • 'Moolip'
  • 'Pinto' or 'Pinto Cow'
  • 'Sunset' or 'Sunset Cow'
  • 'Umbra' or 'Umbra Cow'
  • 'Wooly' or 'Wooly Cow'

New Minecraft cows textures

"Nametag-Only" Textures

Is also from Minecraft Earth, but only obtainable using nametags (The Magma cow is based on the Minecraft Earth snapshots and the Recrafted Mobs java texture pack):

  • 'Magma' or 'Magma Cow'
  • 'Sheared Wooly' or 'Sheared Wooly Cow'
  • Sheared Umbra' or 'Sheared Umbra Cow'

Cow textures with nametags

Extra textures

You can get them by using a nametag to a cow:

    • 'Ender' or 'Ender Cow'
    • 'Strawberry' or 'Strawberry Cow'
    • 'Cake' or 'Cake Cow'

Extra cows textures

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Supported versions
1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0