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Hi! I use Bridge to make my addons, and generally make simple stuff that I think would be good to add to the game. I also like cats. And Latin. And Cherry Coke

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Thumbnail: FEESH's Better Brewing!

FEESH's Better Brewing!

Has anyone else ever thought that brewing in Minecraft is a bit dull? I mean, you stick some items into a dull brewing stand UI, and you wait a while until a potion appears. But I think I've fixed
Thumbnail: FEESH's Magical Rings

FEESH's Magical Rings

Have you ever wanted to have more permanent effects on yourself? If so, this add-on is for you! It adds 12 new Effect Rings, which each give you an effect permanently!
Thumbnail: FEESH's Lucky Mining!

FEESH's Lucky Mining!

I'm probably not the only person who hasn't benefited from the 'new' ish mining system, with all this ridiculous deepslate mining... SO! I decided that I just needed some luck!
Thumbnail: FEESH's Craftable Shulkers

FEESH's Craftable Shulkers

This is just a simple addon that adds the ability to craft shulker shells, so you can craft shulker boxes before reaching the end. I find this useful for inventory management and stuff!