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Has anyone else ever thought that brewing in Minecraft is a bit dull? I mean, you stick some items into a dull brewing stand UI, and you wait a while until a potion appears. But I think I've fixed it.

Step 1: Empty Cauldron

Well, the problem with the vanilla cauldron is that you can't brew potions with it. Well, I suppose that hasn't changed with this add-on. The vanilla cauldron is still useless. Woo!

So, you'll be needing a custom cauldron for this. It's a teeny bit pricey, I suppose.

Empty Cauldron Recipe

There we go. That gets you an Empty Cauldron, seen below:

Empty Cauldron

Step 2: Filling the Cauldron

Of course, it's EMPTY. That's kinda in the name. Sorry. So, what do you need to fill it with? Enchanting Liquid. Found inside a Bottle of Enchanting. Those are quite rare, so generally, I'd look inside a Pillager Outpost. If you do find what you need, go up to the Empty Cauldron, then interact, using the bottle you just found. It should fill, like so:

Full Cauldron

It looks a bit like a nether portal, I suppose. This will be important later to tell the difference between this, and a cauldron with ingredients in it.

Step 3: The Brewing!

This part of the add-on is kind of in the name, so probably the part you need to know about the most.

You can throw 4 ingredients into a Full Cauldron. These ingredients are the same ones you use to brew potions with a brewing stand, like Magma Cream. Once you have done this, the potion with start flashing rainbow colours. You can collect it with a glass bottle, or modify it with Redstone, Glowstone Dust, or a Fermented Spider Eye. These all have the same uses as in a brewing stand, of course.

So, that's it. Thank you for reading this, and hopefully, downloading it in a moment! I've directly linked the MediaFire page, because Linkvertise is terrible and Boostellar is glitchy. Thanks, and...


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