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Have you ever wanted to have more permanent effects on yourself? If so, this add-on is for you! It adds 12 new Effect Rings, which each give you an effect permanently!

So, what do these rings do? Well, it's really quite simple. When held in your offhand, they give you the effect that they have been imbued with! This includes every potion effect in the game, but not other effects such as hunger or haste, as these are not available as potions.


Anyway, how do you craft a ring?

Golden Ring Recipe

You just need to arrange 8 Gold Ingots in a ring formation, and voila! A Golden Ring. However, this ring is purely cosmetic, with no use yet... So now, you need to go and find some potions!

To craft a Magical Ring, you need to combine the Golden Ring with a regular potion that you wish to imbue it with.

Magical Ring Recipe

Make sure that the potion hasn't been modified with redstone or glow stone dust, or this might not work. Thanks!


Just place the ring in your offhand, and now you have a magical effect! If you plan to become Gollum at any point, the Invisibility Ring is definitely for you... Anyway, leave your suggestions down below, and thank you for downloading my add-on!

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