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I'm probably not the only person who hasn't benefited from the 'new' ish mining system, with all this ridiculous deepslate mining... SO! I decided that I just needed some luck!

Funnily enough, the rabbit foot is a well known symbol of good luck, yet is utterly useless within this game. So, I decided that this would be my latest project: Make the Rabbit Foot Lucky!

It took me quite some time, but I think I've finally worked it out. So! Let's begin this guide!

1: Finding a Lucky Rabbit Foot

As long as you're prepared for a short adventure, you should be able to obtain one of these easily enough. Because, the only way to find a Lucky Rabbit's Foot is in buried treasure. Yup, no ordinary Rabbit Foot will do. Most of you will know this, but to find buried treasure, you will need to find the X Marks the Spot on a Buried Treasure Map, located within a Shipwreck! If you find the shipwreck, find the map, and find the treasure chest by digging under the beach, there should be a Lucky Rabbit's Foot inside it!

2: Getting a Lucky Pickaxe

This step is definitely the easiest if you have enough resources. To mine ores while using the Lucky Rabbit's Foot, you will need a Polished Diamond Pickaxe. These are crafted like so, with a diamond block, two diamonds, and two sticks.

Lucky Pickaxe Recipe

While this may seem like quite the investment for a pickaxe, it is definitely worth it once it's been enchanted with Fortune...

3: Time to Mine!

With both items you need ready to go, you should start mining just as you usually would! I prefer y -60 personally, but it's your choice! You should then put the Lucky Rabbit's Foot into your offhand, and wield your new Pickaxe! (It should be even stronger than Netherite, if I'm correct...) As long as you are close enough to the ore when you are about to mine it, (one block away from it) it essentially drops what it would if you had Fortune III! If you actually had Fortune III, I suppose it would be as powerful as Fortune VI, which is, of course, lovely. In theory, you could also silk touch the ores once you have been close to them, and sell them to people who don't have your luck!

So, that is basically everything you need to know about my add-on. If you find any bugs, just send 'em in the comments below. If you have a suggestion, do the same! Thanks!

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